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Industry leading authority and innovator of 100% botanically derived, full spectrum and strain specific terpene profiles for your oil and flavor business. Crafted in a controlled environment for consistent flavor and effect every time.

Here are our featured cannabis derived terpenes for sale!

100% Product Consistency

All of our products are created using the latest tech and standard operating procedures that surpass the industry’s best practices. Our manufacturing standards are the strictest in the industry and every profile has a 3rd party COA. We guarantee that our products to have 0% THC, 0% CBD, and 100% contaminant free.

Easy Ordering​

We believe that a quick and consistent ordering process is one of the most important factors when buying terpenes online. Using our terpene website is simple and easy. Want to place a wholesale order? Simply send us an email or give us a call. Buy our Terps for sale Today!

Fast & Secure Shipping

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders over $100. We process orders in 1-2 business days, but often the same day. Many of our customers receive shipments within three days. USPS is our standard shipping provider, but we are open to other shipping options at your request. Our packing is safe, secure, and discreet to ensure your products arrive safe and without scrutiny.


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Medical terpenes is a strain specific terpene profile. It is made with natural organic derived terpenes. Each strain harnesses the power of various terpenes in respective ratios, delivering a consistent strain specific profile. Fruity variants are also available, which are the traditional strain specific terpene blend combined with other flavorings outside the strain specific family.

Sauce Terps resembles the essence of flower, for a full bodied strain specific terpene profile. Look no further, the dank pungent in your face terpene profile is here! Not your grandmas terpenes. It is made with natural organic derived terpenes. Due to the pungent and delicious aroma of this line of terpene profiles, odor control is highly advised!

710 Terps is a strain specific terpene profile. It is made with natural organic derived terpenes. 710 Terps is a cost effective terpene solution, and priced accordingly. It is a Truely Floral xperience.

oil soluble (OS) flavorings are various flavorings suspended in an oil soluble medium, and will not separate when adding to other oil products.

Steve H.​
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All I can say is wow. I got Lemon Skunk (its delicious) and Indica Island and both are great. Be careful, a little goes a long way. Also like to say thanks for the sample. Will absolutely order again!
Dale B.​
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I ordered Strawberry Diesel & Bubble Gum Glue. Tried both and very happy. Great way to personalize your experience. Many options which I am excited to try.
Jackson C.​
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The smell and taste is very strong, and works very well to make my medicine cartridges . I would describe the taste as a grape flavored hard-chew-able vitamin and is overall a 10/10 purchase. It also arrived quite quickly.
Richard T.​
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This has been a favorite strain of mine for years. Was so stoked to find these guys after trying so many others and have it taste just like the flower. Thank you!
Jake S​
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I’ve tried several brands of terpenes and these terpenes have been the best
Marcos Fields
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Thank you Sauce Terps, the dank smell is so strong in your terpene profiles it’s amazing. You also have the best pricing for such high quality, true-to-form, strain specific terpene profiles. Our vape pens taste so good with your Sauce Terps terpenes.
Wesley Christiansen
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I’ve been purchasing terpenes from medical terpenes for many years, their botanical terpenes has always been my favorite. Recently I started on the live resin terpenes! It’s a new level of flavoring!
Justin Graham
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So this vendor is brand new to me, but I can’t recommend them enough. Their cannabis derived terpenes (aka CDT’s) are fantastic ! I can’t speak to their other products as I haven’t tried them. But if you’re making your own carts or just reintroducing terps back into your concentrate, CDT’s are the way to go anyways
Kory Hunter
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I've been going to these guys for over a year now with all my terpene needs. Flavors are great. Bold and don't need alot to mix with. I love if you don't see a flavor you like on their list they are happy to make the flavor you want. Kalki the owner is awesome to work with always happy to help out with your needs.
David williams
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I agree with all of the great reviews. I have tried many other brands; the fruit and candy flavors by these guys surpasses any other I’ve tried! They are strong and two drops is a safe starting point. Yet, they leave no alcohol or synthetic taste in your end product. The terps also mix very easily and stay suspended! Huge props for quality product at great prices.
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Added to my terpene diluted extract that had a mild amount natural terps. The Blueberry OG added the desired flavor and profile I was looking for. It hit great, smooth and no harshness to my lungs.


Founded by a California team of experts in 2015, Medical Terpenes is a leading terpene company that manufactures a wide range of strain specific terpene profiles. Born naturally and organically, each profile is crafted with the finest ingredients. Always innovating with new strains, we have introduced revolutionary profiles now known as Sauce Terps, a terpene product created to mimic the essence of the flower. Our mission is to bring you the best possible profile, every time, satisfaction guaranteed!

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How its made

All of our terpene products are organic and naturally derived. We source the finest smelling terpene raw materials and isolates. The terpene raw materials and isolates are then blended and compounded into strain specific terpene profiles by our team. All of this is done in an ISO and cGMP compliant facility. All of our Medical terpene products are third party tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. 

Customize Blends Yourself & Save Money

At Medical Terpenes, you can buy terpenes online as well as shop for Live Resin terpenes, oil soluble flavors, Water-soluble terpenes and much more. We even have a pure flavorless terpene-based Viscosity ISO to help you prepare your extracts without altering the taste.

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Buy Terpenes Online

Medical Terpenes is proud to provide the most affordable terpenes online. We are the most trusted terpene websites and supplier online. We provide premium Hemp derived terpenes, strain specific, organically-sourced, food grade, botanical and flower derived terpene profiles. Our staff is knowledgeable and always here to help.


Terpenes For Sale

Medical Terpenes offers one of the largest strain specific terpene inventories and bulk terpene selections for sale online not to mention our Live Resin Terpene profiles. We release new strains regularly and have the ability to make custom profiles to fit your needs, making our company the one stop shop for your terpene needs. We take pride in bringing nothing but the best terpene profiles to market.

Don’t waste your time and money on unverified suppliers selling synthetic non-plant-derived terpenes. We offer 100% real terpene strain profiles and supplies.

Zkittlez 100ml

Find Terpenes for Sale and Become a Terpene Connoisseur Today

With Medical Terpenes, you can become a true terpene connoisseur. Our high-quality terpene blends are plant-based and all-natural for a satisfying experience.

If you want to take it a step further than our Live Resin terpenes profiles are for you. They are derived directly from the Flower and are Natures Best offering! To get you started, we have put together a comprehensive guide to liquefying your extracts including videos demonstrating the process.


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