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Medical Terpenes is a terpene profile manufacturing company located in Southern California. We have been proudly serving customers and businesses since 2012. If you are looking for a long-term business relationship with someone you can trust, you've come to the right place! We have built great reputations among our clients and gained our success through client’s trust. We are specialized in full spectrum strain specific terpenes, where you can get amazing quality and rock bottom priced terpenes from us. If you are looking for 100% pure, organic, fragrant, delicious, full spectrum, and strain specific terpenes, you are at the right place! No additives! Make your own aromatherapy, beauty, fragrance, and edible products with our terpenes!


Our mission at Medical Terpenes is to provide outstanding terpene profiles at unrivaled pricing for individuals and business consumers alike. We are leading the industry with years of research in perfecting strain specific terpene profiles. Now, we are able to bring everyone’s favorite profiles back to life, in a way that is 100% natural, pure, holistic, food grade and Kosher. With NO additives, NO carriers, NO fillers & NEVER any unnecessary extracts; they are a perfect blend of high quality ingredients for all Terp lovers.


Visit our new and improved site where you can find Sauce Terps and Medical Terpenes in one place!

  • medicalterpenes.com review
    "I own several business, and Medical Terpenes is a top selling item among other terpene brands.  I also use their Terpenes for our house line."
    Business Owner
  • medicalterpenes.com review
    "It's always been a pleasure dealing with Medical Terpenes.  I have ordered their product for years now, and it is consistent and on point every time."
    Loyal Customer
  • medical terpene review
    "Ever since using Medical Terpenes, my products have become clients favorites in all of the stores."
    Aroma Therapy Company
  • medicalterpenes.com review
    "Flavor from these terpene extracts are incredible. Keep up the good tastes! I add their terpenes to my soap and shampoo because they smell amazing. "