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Sauce Terps and Medical Terpenes are rooted with the conviction of giving back to those that love our products.

So if your website or social media account is generating some great traffic, let’s start monetizing and become an Affiliate!

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Sauce Terps and Medical Terpenes Affiliate Program

Join our FREE online Affiliate Program, and get paid for promoting and facilitating the sale of Sauce Terps and Medical Terpenes products via your website or social media page!

Through this program, you earn a commission when someone enters through a link on your website and makes a purchase. It’s that simple. Standout creative assets such as banners and logos will be provided. All you have to do is choose which ones will work best on your site.

About Sauce Terps and Medical Terpenes

You’re definitely asking the right question–What’s the difference between Sauce Terps and Medical Terpenes?

Sauce Terps is our one-step solution for your distillate needs. It starts life as Medical Terpenes and we then turned up it up to 10 with this one with our essence of flower to give it a DANK heavy nose. This stuff is DANK and LOUD but we did not stop there, it’s also has our terpene-based viscosity iso built in to make this your true one step solution. Recommend mix ratio is 10-14% to overall volume.

Medical Terpenes is as pure and rich as it comes. Botanically derived, Strain specific, Full Spectrum 100 % pure Terpene Profiles. These superior flavor/ effect profiles will elevate any of your tincture, vape pen or topically applied products to new heights and help differentiate you from the pack. Recommended mix ratio is 5-9% to overall volume. Both are always premium quality, meaning they’re Naturally Organic, Strain-Specific, 100+ Terpenes per profile, and 100% DANK.
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STEP 3: Your customers will click on our creative assets bringing them to this ecommerce site. Once they make a purchase, you earn a commission!

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