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How to become an affiliate ?


Go To The Website Footer Section And Click On “Affiliate Dashboard
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Put Your Validate Information In The Registration Form. Then Click on Register.
After that Please wait for Admin Approvel.

Affiliate Dashboard

After Admin Approval Affiliate Dashboard looks like.

Here mentions Affiliate Rate, Total Earnings, Balance, Visits and also  Recent Commission, Recent Click sections.

In Right Sidebar:

There are lots of  necessary options like Dashboard, Commission, Clicks, Payments, Generate Links, Settings


Generate Affiliate Links Tools

In Affiliate Dashboard,

Right Sidebar Click on Generate links“.

In this section, you can see your affiliate ID and affiliate Referral  Links.

also, you can generate the links using our links too .

Copy product URL or page URL  from our website and put in the link tools then click on “Generate”.

Now copy the referral Url link and share it anywhere.


Please Note: Here are two ways to affiliation. you can affiliate using your Main affiliate  Referral URL or target specific product or page and copy these links then paste our link generator tools. after that get the Referral Url and share it everywhere.


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