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Live Resin (Explained)

Live resins are one of the most potent Terpene products out there. Read this article to know more about it before you make a purchase decision.

Top 5 Live Resin Terpenes in USA

Best Live Resin Terpenes

Live Resin Terpenes have been a focal point at Medical Terpenes and Sauce Terps for several years now.  With our vast experience in Terpenes, and

How Terpenes Affect Your Body

How Terpenes Affect Your Body

Terpenes are a special type of naturally occurring compound that can be found in many different types of plants and organic seeds. These plants include,

Featured Terpene - Caryophyllene

Featured Terpene: Caryophyllene

Terpenes are known for their wide array of aromatic properties, from floral to citrus and earthy to musky. On the spicier notes, caryophyllene is the