November 2021

Featured Terpene 3 Carene

Featured Terpene: 3-Carene

3-carene Terpenes are organic components responsible for the unique aroma and flavor of plants. There are over 20,000 varieties of terpenes; some produce fruity scents, while others give off an earthy musk.  Aside from their interesting scents, terpenes are also known for their medical effects. They’re a huge part of essential oils used for alternative […]

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Uncovering the History of Live Resin

Uncovering the History of Live Resin

History of Live Resin: Live resin is quickly becoming a popular option among people that want to use terpenes for medicinal and recreational purposes. The quality of concentrate that live resin produces in comparison to other terpene types makes it a popular product among consumers and producers alike. Live resin terpenes have been popular for

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