Month: November 2021

Featured Terpene 3 Carene

Featured Terpene: 3-Carene

3-carene Terpenes are organic components responsible for the unique aroma and flavor of plants. There are over 20,000 varieties of terpenes; some produce fruity scents, while others give off an earthy musk.  Aside from their interesting scents, terpenes are also known for their medical effects. They’re a huge part of essential oils used for alternative …

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Uncovering the History of Live Resin

Uncovering the History of Live Resin

History of Live Resin: Live resin is quickly becoming a popular option among people that want to use terpenes for medicinal and recreational purposes. The quality of concentrate that live resin produces in comparison to other terpene types makes it a popular product among consumers and producers alike. Live resin terpenes have been popular for …

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How to Use Live Resin Properly

How to Use Live Resin Properly (Important Tips)

For generations, plant extracts have commonly been used for their medicinal properties that can help alleviate pain and reduce the risks of developing major health issues. For others, these concentrates are another way of spicing up their lifestyle while gaining some of its most unique benefits. Because of this advantage, there are also several different …

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Live Resin Explained

Live Resin (Explained)

Live resins are one of the most potent Terpene products out there. Read this article to know more about it before you make a purchase decision.

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