May 2023

Featured Terpene Citronellol

Featured Terpene: Citronellol

Citronellol: Terpenes are a diverse class of naturally occurring compounds in plants, fruits, and flowers. They are responsible for the unique scents and flavors of many plants and have a wide array of everyday uses. People have used terpenes in traditional medicine, aromatherapy, cooking, and perfumery for centuries, but we only scratched the surface when

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Best Terpenes for Nausea

What are the Best Terpenes for Nausea?

Terpenes for Nausea: Traditional medicine has long been using terpene-rich flowers for many different purposes. From inflammation to treating other chronic illnesses, these flowers have proven their potency to address several health concerns. One of the most renowned being nausea or vomiting. For decades, many have used terpene-rich flowers to help combat nausea in the

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