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Featured Terpene: Bisabolol 

Bisabolol is used in various products due to its healing properties. Find out more about this terpene and what it can bring to the table in this article.

Introducing the Smelliest Substances on Earth Banner

Introducing the Smelliest Substances on Earth

While some terpenes emit the worst smell in the world, others smell good. Check out this visual guide to learn about the strongest smelling terpenes found in nature.

live resin terpenes

6 Ways to Effectively Use Live Resin

Terpene concentrates are a popular pick among enthusiasts. Check out this post to learn how to use live resin terpenes effectively.

terpenes for aromatherapy

5 Ways Aromatherapy Benefits Your Mental Health 

For decades, terpene-rich essential oils have been used to treat various health problems. Read this article to learn how aromatherapy benefits one’s mental health and improves well-being.

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