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6 Ways to Effectively Use Live Resin

Live resin terpenes: The world of terpenes is continuously evolving. Medical Terpenes and Sauce Terps have been at the forefront of this industry, and continue to push the boundaries. As such, the industry continues to come up with different products terpene enthusiasts can enjoy. 

Terpene concentrates are processed in different ways, and live resin terpenes are an increasingly popular choice in the market nowadays. 

First introduced in 2013, live resin terpenes are produced through a unique technique. They are removed from fresh flowers, from the most delicious part of the plant, and they are absolutely amazing. Through this method, live resins retain all the terpenes that may have been lost during the drying or curing process, making them more potent than other terpene concentrates. 

While live resins can be consumed in many ways, certain methods help amplify their effects. This article will help explain how to use live resin terpenes effectively. 

What Makes Live Resin More Potent?

Because of its high potency and amazing taste, live resin remains a crowd favorite among concentrate consumers. Since the production method focuses on preserving the terpenes present in the substance, its terpene flavor and effect tend to be on par with its flower counterpart, just much more concentrated. 

Here’s what makes live resin more potent than other terpene concentrates.

  • Fresh materials

The typical process of resin production includes curing and drying. However, with live resin, producers harvest the flower and flash-freeze it. This is why it’s called “live resin,” meaning it’s freshly harvested live plants. These fresh materials allow terpene retention to be more effective, making the product more potent, flavorful, and aromatic. 

  • Rich flavor profiles

Drying and curing contribute to terpene degradation, causing other concentrates to lose their scent and flavor potential. Live resin gives a more enhanced experience because it provides a more complex flavor and aroma profile. The plant matter remains intact throughout the extraction process, retaining the plant’s original flavor. 

  • Entourage effect

The preservation of live resin’s full-plant qualities allows the “entourage effect” to go all-out. The entourage effect is a phenomenon in which different terpenes, phytonutrients, and other compounds simultaneously work with one another to amplify their impact on the user’s experience. Live resin’s high potency increases the intensity of a terpene product’s therapeutic effects.

6 Effective Ways to Use Live Resin Terpenes

With the numerous types of live resin products available in the market, it can be confusing to figure out how to effectively use them. Luckily, live resin is flexible in terms of how it can be used. 

Live resin consumption will depend on the user’s lifestyle, preference, and available tools. Here’s a quick guide on how terpene enthusiasts can use live resin and enjoy its full potency.

1. Dabbing

Live resin purists prefer the dabbing method when consuming the product. In this technique, the user places the concentrate in a heated bowl and inhales the vapor. 

This method requires a dab rig (a water pipe with a flat bowl called a nail) and a dab spoon. Once the equipment is set up, the first step is to heat the nail with a torch lighter and ensure the nail stays at the optimal temperature of 157 to 204.

Then, use the dab spoon to pick up the live resin and place it on the heated nail. When it vaporizes, you can then inhale it from the mouthpiece.

2. Using a nectar collector

A nectar collector is a device that has a titanium or quartz tip and a body and cylindrical mouthpiece made of silicone or glass. Using a nectar collector is like inhaling from a vaporizer. First, heat the tip to create vapor. Then, drag the device across a dab of live resin, inhaling as you go.

3. Sprinkling

Live resin terpenes can also be sprinkled over a full bowl of flowers in a glass pipe before smoking to boost their potency and enhance their flavor. This method is best if you are used to smoking dried flowers.

4. T-waxing

T-waxing involves garnishing flowers with a powdery form of live resin concentrates. This method can help heighten the user’s experience.

5. Using a specialized pen

Dab rigs, nails, and torch lighters may not suit the style of some users. They may be more comfortable with a specialized pen called a dab pen. 

The device only requires using a dab spoon to put live resin concentrates into the pen. From there, you simply have to click the button to start smoking.

6. Using a vaporizer

Vaporizers function in the same way as dab pens. In particular, pre-filled vaporizers have a pre-filled live resin cartridge. Once consumed, the pre-filled cartridge needs to be replaced. 

A Unique Way to Experiment with Terpenes

Live resin continues to attract a lot of adventurous terpene enthusiasts because of its potency compared to other terpene concentrates. If live resin sounds interesting to you, don’t be afraid to give it a shot, as you may just find your next favorite product. 

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