A Look into the Anatomy of Live Resin

A Look into the Anatomy of Live Resin

Live resins have been in the spotlight over the past few years for their therapeutic benefits. But beyond such benefits, these concentrates have other essential health benefits to offer.  

One of the most sought-after terpene products in the market today, live resin terpenes are relatively more potent than other types of concentrates. This is one reason these compounds are fast becoming a favorite among flower enthusiasts. But, what exactly is live resin? This infographic will help you understand what live resins are, including their health benefits and the different ways to consume them.

A Look into the Anatomy of Live Resin Infographic
A Look into the Anatomy of Live Resin Infographic

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a type of concentrate produced using fresh flowers. Terpene enthusiasts easily consider this product a favorite because of its high potency and powerful taste and aroma. Manufacturers subject the flower to a flash-freezing process to achieve this profile.

Here, freshly harvested buds are frozen to a certain temperature, allowing the flower to retain its original terpene profile throughout the extraction process. Note that other concentrates are processed through methods that tend to damage or alter their terpene content, reducing the final product’s flavor and aroma.

Health Benefits of Live Resin

Live resin is known not only for its relaxing effects but also for its various health benefits. Here are some of them.

1. Eases anxiety

Live resin has been shown to help relieve anxiety due to its cannabinoid content. In one study, the participants felt less anxious in a simulated public speaking event after consuming cannabinoid-rich compounds than after taking a placebo. Four other studies indicated that live resin may help treat anxiety associated with chronic pain.

2. Relieves chronic pain

The best live resin terpenes are known to relieve chronic pain, especially in people suffering from inflammation and nerve damage. While there’s still limited research on this subject, one study has shown that live resin terpenes have significant effects on easing muscle stiffness, non-migraine headaches, and joint pain. 

3. Improves sleep 

Several studies have looked into the effects of cannabinoids on sleep. There’s evidence that these compounds can help induce sleep and reduce sleep disturbances, thereby improving sleep quality. However, researchers are still determining whether the compound works by directly affecting sleep or by easing the symptoms of the participants’ illnesses, allowing them to sleep better. 

4. Eases nausea

Studies that tackled the effects of live resin on easing nausea have shown promising results. One study found that 96% of tested patients experienced nausea relief within one hour after using live resin terpenes. This is partly attributed to the flower’s ability to activate CB1 receptor responses in the brain, thereby reducing feelings of nausea.

5. Improves symptoms of inflammatory diseases

Besides easing pain from inflammation, live resin terpenes may also help improve symptoms of related conditions like inflammatory bowel disease. There are limited studies about this benefit, but one experiment found that live resin terpene consumption reduced this disease’s activity after eight weeks. 

8 Ways to Consume Live Resin

There are various ways to consume live resin. Here are some methods to try.

1. Dabbing

This method requires a dabbing rig, a special type of water pipe with a small tube called the “nail.” Start by removing the nail’s cover — or “dome” — and then heating the nail with a torch lighter. Once done, wait for 10 to 30 seconds for the nail to cool down. 

Place the dome over the nail and bring the live resin close to the nail using a dab tool or scraper. Then, swirl the dab as you inhale from the mouthpiece. 

Ideally, you should start with a small puff to first gauge the concentrate’s effect on you, especially if it’s your first time. While dab hits are light and smooth, they are usually more potent than you think. 

2. Vaporizing 

This method involves using a vaporizer. Begin by filling the device with live resin. Once done, turn it on and set your desired temperature. For starters, temperatures 370°F (188°C) and below are the ideal range.

Place the bag on the vaporizer then turn on the fan. The bag will afterward fill up with vapor. Once the bag gets full, turn off the fan and pull the bag out of the device. Put the mouthpiece on the bag and start inhaling. Your first few hits will be light and subtle but will heighten as your session progresses.

3. Using a specialized pen

Another way to consume live resin is by using a specialized pen. Before starting, make sure the device is charged. Don’t click the button until you start inhaling because it might burn your lips. If your pen has multiple voltage settings, begin at the lowest setting to avoid burnt or dry hits. The safe range is 3.3-3.8 volts.

Load a small amount of live resin into the pen using a dab tool. A dab just about the size of a peppercorn is a good starting point. Then, screw the mouthpiece onto the side of the heating chamber. Once done, press the button and start inhaling.

Wait for a while after your first hit to assess how you feel, especially if you are new to vaping live resin. The effects might seem light at first but will ramp up as you progress.

Release the button a few seconds before exhaling to clear any additional vapor in the chamber. Hold the button down each time you want to inhale. Remember to pace yourself as you go through the process.

4. Twaxing

Twaxing allows users to be creative in consuming their live resin terpene products. The simplest twaxing method involves adding live resin to a plant-packed bowl using a dab tool.

Another method that’s widely used is blunt twaxing, where you put live resin drops on top of the ground flower before the rolling process. As for joint twaxing, you simply have to roll a coil of live resin around a rolled joint before smoking.

5. Sprinkling 

This method is ideal for smoking dried flowers. Simply sprinkle live resin over a bowl of ground flowers before smoking. The process will boost the flower’s effects and potency while enhancing its flavor and aroma. 

6. Using a nectar collector

The dab rig has a simpler and portable version — the nectar collector. Enjoying live resin is easier and more efficient with this device. You simply have to heat its tip using a torch lighter, gently dip it in the live resin, and inhale. 

If you prefer taking low-temperature dabs, you may want to wait for 10 to 30 seconds for the tip to cool down. Once ready, lightly press the tip of the nectar collector against the live resin and inhale through the straw.

7. Mixing live resin terpenes with food

Adding live resin to your food can enhance its flavor and aroma. For instance, you can mix this concentrate with your cookies, candies, or chocolates. However, remember that less is more when it comes to live resin. Just as chefs go easy on adding seasoning products to dishes, mixing only a small amount of live resin with your food is the safe route to take.

8. Mixing live resin terpenes with drinks

Not only are live resins adaptable to food experimentation but also drinks. Terpene enthusiasts usually add live resin to alcoholic drinks, juices, cocktail drinks, and even water to enhance their taste and potency. 

When mixing live resins with drinks, the rule is to start with small dosages. Also, be sure to follow a proven recipe to ensure your safety. Then, wait for a few hours before going for another live resin-infused drink. Your stomach will need a few hours to absorb the concentrate, so don’t make the mistake of having a second drink sooner than that. 

Give Live Resin a Shot

Live resin is one of the most potent concentrates on the market today. Apart from its relaxing effects, its health benefits also make it increasingly valuable for users and non-users alike. 

Over the years, terpene enthusiasts have come up with various ways to enjoy this concentrate. From dabbing to mixing it with food and drinks, the consumption methods cater to different types of users, beginner or experienced.

If you’d like to shop for live resin terpenes, always stick to verified authentic manufacturers for the safest live resin products. Check out Medical Terpenes for top-quality live resins at great prices or feel free to contact us for all your live resin and terpene needs!
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