Benefits of Buying Wholesale Terpenes in Bulk

8 Benefits of Buying Wholesale Terpenes in Bulk

wholesale terpenes: Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds extracted from a wide variety of plants. Historically, they have been used as alternative medicine. They are a go-to resource for aromatherapy as well. That owes to some terpenes’ distinct scent, believed to have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Over the past few years, terpene usage has enjoyed a surge in popularity. In fact, the practicality of this raw material has progressed beyond therapy. These days, it’s not surprising to find terpene included in the list of ingredients for consumer goods such as craft beer, chocolate, vegan candy, bath soap, and skincare and cosmetic products, among others.

This is where terpenes’ business application comes in. These compounds can level up an otherwise run-of-the-mill product. For entrepreneurs looking to infuse terpenes into certain products, it’s best to buy wholesale terpenes. As to why that’s the smartest choice, here are the benefits worth mentioning.

1. Better prices

Suppliers are quick to reduce the price tag of products bought in bulk. That’s because even if profit margins are smaller with wholesale purchases, fast product turnaround is better than holding onto a slow-moving inventory. The latter requires resources. That’s one thing suppliers get to address by offering wholesale deals.

As a customer, seek out a supplier that’s amenable to providing the best deal for a wholesale terpene purchase. In return, promise repeat transactions.

2. Keeps your inventory stocked for longer

It can be a little risky to overstock supplies, which is an inevitability for perishable goods. Here it’s crucial to have proper storage. That same rule applies to terpenes, especially those purchased by the bulk. So, before purchasing wholesale terpenes, make sure the supply goes to a place where it won’t spoil.

  • Store terpenes in a sealed, airtight container
  • Ensure that temperature levels are around 20 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity levels should be under 60%
  • Terpenes should be kept in a dark space to avoid exposure to light

Now the upside of having sufficient inventory at all times is that no customer is left wanting. Shelves don’t run out of a business’s most popular terpene-infused products. Customers get what they want when they want it, so they won’t have the opportunity to look elsewhere.

3. More customization options (blending + mixing)

Coming up with a product mix takes a lot of creativity and ample resources. That’s because there’s the need to conduct trial and error. There’s the prerequisite of mixing and matching terpene infusions to get just the right blend. With sufficient supply thanks to wholesale terpenes, there’s no risk of running out and the business is better equipped to test what the customers will probably want.

4. Improved buyer-seller relationship

Terpene wholesalers make good business from repeat transactions.  That’s why they take care of their clients. In turn, their clients assure them of loyalty. Purchasing wholesale allows this kind of partnership. Given how it’s not a one-time deal, both parties will be on their best behavior because they’ll naturally want to uphold a mutually beneficial relationship.

5. Minimized shipping cost

On top of the price paid for the products, there’s the additional shipping cost. Buying small amounts of anything means paying for the shipping cost each time. These expenses do add up and will reflect in the business’s operating expenses.

Purchasing wholesale terpenes means reducing shipping expenditures, where buyers can then funnel the money saved into other important investments like product marketing. That right there is good business.

6. Maximized time and effort

Inventory management requires skill, time, and effort to do right. Ordering small amounts of needed raw materials results in the repetition of tasks that might otherwise be done once over a longer period. A wholesale purchase allows businesses to get inventory management out of the way, at least while supplies last. This way, other business aspects requiring attention will be dealt with better.

7. Quality products

Wholesale suppliers have their credibility to take care of. They will not compromise their name for easy profit. For customers, that means quality products that don’t fail in terms of consistency. Although this statement is generally true for any buying situation, it’s especially relevant for wholesale relationships.

8. Top-notch customer service

Again, wholesale terpenes suppliers want to keep their bulk buyers happy, which requires unparalleled customer service. With a well-nurtured wholesaler partnership, a business can rest assured that whatever queries and concerns they might have will be addressed with promptness and care.

Start-ups can learn a thing or two from established terpenes wholesalers, too. These insights might just spell the difference between success and failure in the market. With this in mind, look for a terpene supplier who is not stingy when it comes to sharing relevant industry knowledge.

Load up on terpenes

Supply should always cater to demand. And when it comes to the increasingly sought-after raw material that is terpenes, it’s best to have a well-stocked inventory. That allows a business to get creative with a sufficient supply at hand. There’s cost reduction to consider in earnest too, as buying in bulk always equates to better deals.

However, ensuring that those benefits come to fruition requires dealing with a reliable wholesale terpenes supplier. In that regard, check out Medical Terpenes for top-quality, food-grade terpenes ready for all types of product applications.

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