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Live Resin Terpenes have been a focal point at Medical Terpenes and Sauce Terps for several years now.  With our vast experience in Terpenes, and focus on our Sauce Terps brand, we are proud to be suppliers of the dankest of live resin Terpenes this side of the Milky Way.   We offer a variety that is sure to satisfy your pallet, from gassy nuances to sweet exotic aroma.  Our Live Resin Terpenes display a delicate aroma found only in the freshest of flower.  How did we get here, and why are we here now?

Imagine a world that had only CBD, and nothing else.  Imagine a world without the dank smell of some of the freshest herbs.  Imagine a world full of isolate and bland bitterness. This is not a world that nature intended, and is why we add terpenes to CBD and other hemp related products. 

Best Terpenes Manufacturer From 2015

One is the loneliest number that you could ever know, and it has always been our mission to add to the One, add to the entourage effect and beyond with consistently improving the aroma profile.  The clearest path to do this is to use botanically derived terpenes to fine tune different profiles.  This is known as our Medical Terpene line, it is a traditional full spectrum terpene blend that was originally launched around 2015. 

Over the years, we have refined and improved our medical terpene line, ultimately launching our Sauce Terps brand, which is a full spectrum botanical terpene blend that focuses on giving the aroma of flower, without the high price tag.  This has been an absolute hit, and people can’t get enough of these terpenes.

Top 5 Live Resin Terpenes

They are so popular that due to high demand we cannot keep the shelves stocked fast enough.  Given the success of Sauce Terps, we have launched a new product, with a soft launch in 2019, we are proud to announce our full launch of Live Resin Terpenes, which are not botanically derived, but rather derived from the finest and freshest colas.  Given our extensive knowledge of how terpenes work, how to treat them, and how to get the best results, we have found that when our customers receive a sample pack of our Live Resin Terpenes, it will be the last sample pack they will ever need to receive for terpenes. 

Best Strains Profile for Live Resin Terpenes

The world without terpenes is a dull one, and a world with our Live Resin Terpenes will brighten up the sky.  Due to the dankness of our live resin terpenes, it is recommended that you have odor control set up in if your facility to be able to manage the dank smell.  After a bottle of our Live Resin Terpenes is cracked, it will likely smell like a dispensary inside your facility. All of our Live Resin Terpenes are 100% pure and undiluted.  All of our Live Resin Terpenes are organically grown.  With so many different live resin terpenes to choose from in our inventory, were sure you would find something you like.  Chances are that this sample pack of live resin terpenes we send to you will be the last sample pack you ever need.

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