Botanically Derived Terpenes

Botanically Derived Terpenes: What They are and Their Advantages

Botanically derived terpenes: Terpenes have recently gained mainstream popularity. More people worldwide have learned about terpenes’ ability to enhance the effects of flowers and other psychoactive substances. Many use these aromatic compounds for various purposes, such as aromatherapy or as an ingredient in their recipes

However, acquiring terpenes is not always a simple process. Despite the worldwide popularity, the most common terpenes are typically sourced from a set of plants that are illegal in some countries. It is why you may have encountered the term “botanically derived terpenes.” 

While one may consider all plants botanicals, there are slight differences that benefit you to know. If you have wondered, “What are botanically derived terpenes?” This article will describe them and the advantage they serve to you as a terpene user. 

What are Botanically Derived Terpenes? 

Botanically derived terpenes come from legal sources, primarily everyday plants and flowers you may encounter in most gardens. For example, one may find two popular terpenes—myrcene and linalool—in lavender, a common plant in household gardens.  

Plants usually produce these terpenes to allow them to thrive and survive in their natural environment; the distinct aromas can attract pollinators or repel predators. 

Though there are countless terpene extraction methods enthusiasts can use to acquire terpenes from these plants, steam distillation is the most popular. In a nutshell, the process involves placing a terpene over boiling water so researchers can capture the vapor and turn it into a usable liquid form. 

Terpene enthusiasts can use botanically derived terpenes just as they would other types of terpenes; they can use these terpenes to relax and calm down or add an extra flavor if they decide to cook with terpenes. Although botanically derived terpenes are from a different source than the typical terpenes, it doesn’t mean they are of a lower quality

Botanical Terpenes Benefits and Advantages

One is not necessarily better than the other. Botanical terpenes’ benefits can be just as impactful as terpenes from other sources. Below are a few advantages of using them.

They mimic the flower’s natural profile

Most users will easily recognize which flower a botanically derived terpene came from because these substances tend to carry the plant’s natural profile. Pinene, for instance, has an aroma reminiscent of pine trees and the forest. On the other hand, limonene will naturally have a tangy and sweet flavor profile like the citrus fruits it derives from: lemons and oranges. 

They are effective at facilitating the entourage effect

The entourage effect occurs when one terpene’s effects combine with another, strengthening its impact on the user. Not all botanically derived terpenes will work well together. Since each terpene is distinct, their combined effects vary greatly. 

One study found, for instance, that limonene and cannabidiol (CBD) could potentially work together to treat acne. It’s important to note the research on the entourage effect is still growing, and scientists are continuously learning more about it, so it’s best to approach the entourage effect cautiously. 

They are cheaper

Many enthusiasts understand that growing the usual sources of terpenes will typically cost them more than if they grew lavender or cloves. Besides the financial cost, enthusiasts will also have to weigh the legal costs of acquiring terpenes from their traditional sources. Some people may not see jumping through legal loopholes as worth the time and effort. 

Hence, botanically derived terpenes are cost-effective alternatives that provide similar, if not the same effects as other terpenes. Although, it still matters where you shop for terpenes to because not every manufacturer produces the same quality. 

They are safe

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration permits the use of natural flavoring substances, deeming them safe under the conditions that one uses the minimum required amount and contains safe substances to consume. It means you won’t have to worry about potential health complications while enjoying the different botanical terpene benefits. 

Botanically derived terpenes are also more trustworthy than synthetic terpenes. Although some enthusiasts may not mind the flavor and effect of these artificial terpenes, the ideal terpenes to enjoy are ones derived from real, natural plants. 

They are legal 

While terpenes themselves aren’t illegal, the flowers enthusiasts typically derive them from are in certain countries. The fact that botanically derived terpenes come from everyday, legal sources means that more people can enjoy its benefits. This can significantly encourage more people to enjoy the substances and expand the terpene community. 

Everyday Sources and Unique Benefits 

If you’re one of the growing number of people who want to get into using terpenes for your everyday life, you may want to consider using botanically derived terpenes. 

These terpenes come from natural sources that you can find in many everyday plants. They can provide similar psychoactive benefits as terpenes from other plants. While you can easily find the plants where botanically derived terpenes come from, it’s still best to buy your terpenes from reputable brands such as Medical Terpenes. 

We offer 100% organic and strain-specific, botanically derived terpene products at excellent prices, ideal for first-time users as well as long-time enthusiasts. 

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