Featured Terpene Limonene

Featured Terpene: Limonene

In this article we want to discuss about limonene. Thanks to their wide range of applications and benefits, terpenes have gained tremendous popularity in the mainstream market. As the demand for these products continues to increase, providers have made it a point to innovate and introduce more options. Now that the industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate, your knowledge as a consumer should grow accordingly.

With so many options to choose from, having a better understanding of these aromatic compounds will be essential. Given that each strain has its unique characteristics, understanding how they differ will let you identify products that match your needs.

To help you make better choices as a consumer, this quick guide will give you a brief overview of one of the most common terpenes. 

Limonene Terpene Profile

As the name suggests, Limonene is best known for its orange-like smell. The compound is usually sourced from citrus fruits but it can also be found in greens such as rosemary, chamomile, and ginger. In terms of its chemical structure, the terpene exists in two forms namely: D-Limonene and I-Limonene. While both types are virtually identical, each gives off a unique scent. But in terms of everyday use, D-limonene is the more abundant and popular variant.

The terpene’s sweet yet sharp aroma is loved by many and is the main reason why it’s a common ingredient in many household products. Apart from food and beverages, it has become an active component of essential oils, cosmetics, cleaning agents, and fragrances. If you love using lemon, lime, or orange-scented disinfectants, you should credit Limonene for that refreshing smell. 

When ingested in ideal amounts, Limonene can make a huge difference to your physical and mental health. For starters, lemons are high in antioxidants so drinking a tall glass of lemonade can give your body the boosts that it needs. At the same time, the Limonene is said to have uplifting effects that can help its users manage fatigue and stress. After a long day at work, lighting up a lime-scented candle will let you unwind. 

Benefits of Limonene

Considering the points above it’s clear that Limonene consumption can do wonders for your wellbeing. Fortunately, terpenes are continuously gaining legitimacy in the medical field and this has led to increased amounts of research. Other than validating Limonene’s antioxidant and energizing effects, the latest studies have found that Limonene has other notable health benefits.


Chronic inflammation is a precursor to many notorious illnesses. If conditions such as cancer, arthritis, or diabetes, run deep in your family, Limonene use will come in handy. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, long-term consumption can prevent the occurrence of the mentioned ailments. 


As mentioned previously, Limonene is recognized as a potent antioxidant. Given that exposure to pollutants and harmful chemicals can accumulate free radicals in your body, ingesting products high in Limonene can be highly beneficial. In line with being an anti-inflammatory agent, the terpene’s contents can help your body deal with cell damage and avoid diseases. 

Improved Heart Health

Limonene consumption may lower the risk of heart disease. In a study that examined stroke-prone/hypertensive rats, the researchers found that mice who were given Limonene had reduced levels of bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar. While more research is needed, one can suggest that Limonene’s ability to lower these factors can prevent heart-related illnesses.

Lowered Risk of Ulcers

Given that gastrointestinal diseases are caused by inflammation, it use can grant you a layer of protection. In a study that observed rats and medication-induced ulcers, the results of the experiment showed that D-Limonene was able to protect the lining of their stomachs. 

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Limonene consumption can help you maintain your emotional wellbeing. Putting its relaxing smell aside, studies have found that the terpene’s contents are known to bring about anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects. In case things are getting tough, Limonene use can be used to uplift your spirits. 

Weight Loss

Considering Limonene’s ability to reduce certain risk factors in your body, ingestion can also promote weight loss. A study that investigated obese mice saw that those who were fed with D-Limonene had lower levels of glucose and cholesterol. With that said, it can be concluded that the terpene can help prevent obesity and metabolic disorders.  

Let Loose With Limonene

Thanks to what it brings to the table, it’s not a stretch to say that it is one of the best terpenes out there. By improving your mood and helping you fend off notorious diseases, getting products rich in Limonene can make all the difference in your health. As you start canvassing for options, it’s best to fill your shopping cart with care.

Some terpene providers may lead you on with cheap price tags and lucrative deals but always stay on your toes. While staying frugal is important, it’s important to know that not all terpene products have the same quality. Buying inauthentic oils and cartridges will deal a huge blow to your savings and may even compromise your health. For the best terpenes on the market, visit Medical Terpenes today!

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