Featured Terpene: Linalool

In this article we want to discuss about the popular and highly beneficial terpene known as linalool. Terpene use has grown tremendously over the past decade. Due to their wide range of applications and lower health risks compared to cigarettes, it’s only natural that these smelly compounds have gained a lot of traction in the mainstream market. Now that the demand for cartridges, aroma-therapy oils, and other similar products is reaching all-time highs, manufacturers are highly motivated to widen their selection.

As the terpene industry grows at an unmatched pace, your knowledge as a consumer should evolve as well. Providers are constantly experimenting with different terpene profiles and this has ultimately led to a surge of new products. If you want to have a smooth time shopping, then you should know what each terpene variant has to offer.  

Knowing the differences between each type will make it easier for you to identify the products that will best match your preferences. To get you started, the guide we’ve prepared will tell you everything you need to know about the popular terpene. 

Linalool Terpene Profile

Have you ever wondered why spas, saunas, and therapeutic facilities have a relaxing atmosphere? Other than making use of good lighting, peaceful music, and excellently designed spaces, they’re able to calm you down by catering to your sense of smell. This is precisely the reason why scented candles, aroma diffusers, and fragrant massage oils are all essential parts of their establishment.

Among all the terpenes in the market, Linalool is arguably the most used by recreational centers. It’s commonly sourced from lavender, birch bark, flowers, and other spice plants, and is best known for its soothing properties. Compared to stronger scented terpenes, Linalool’s sweet aroma is easy on the nose and is known to help its users wind down.

When it comes to commercial products, it’s interesting to know that many manufacturers use Linalool as an active ingredient. Thanks to the popularity of its flower-like aroma, nearly 80% of soaps, shampoos, and cleaning detergents are known to contain this terpene. At the same time, this compound also works as a natural insect repellant and is a vital component of pesticides. 

In terms of food, Linalool is highly abundant in herbs and spices. If the pasta you’ve ordered in your favorite restaurant is seasoned with thyme or basil, then this should give you an idea of how it tastes. But setting its flavor and taste aside, people who regularly consume linalool are known to experience several health benefits.


Benefits of Linalool

An antimicrobial powerhouse

Naturally, plants secrete terpenes to fend off external threats (e.g. animals and germs). Because of this characteristic, consumption of Linalool can eliminate and prevent the growth of microorganisms in your body. One scientific journal discovered that Linalool displayed strong-anti microbial activity against bacteria found in the mouth. In turn, consumption of this terpene can prevent cases of flu, infections, and other similar illnesses. 

Manages inflammation

Along with fighting microbes, Linalool also serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. A study that examined the properties of essential oils discovered that the terpene Linalool displayed the highest amount of anti-inflammatory activity. If notorious illnesses such as cancer are prevalent in your family, ingesting products high in Linalool can help you avoid various conditions.  

Helps with anxiety and stress relief

Having a rough day? Light up a lavender-scented candle! As previously mentioned, Linalool’s aroma is known to have sedative effects. To back this claim up, a 2012 study found that mice who were exposed to linalool vapors were found to exhibit lower levels of anxious and depressive behaviors. While Linalool products aren’t a direct alternative to medications, the frequent ingestion of this terpene can help you maintain your emotional wellbeing.

Improves the quality of your skin

Beyond pesticides, soaps, and detergents, Linalool is highly used in cosmetics and skin care products. While its properties can improve the scent and taste of formulas, it’s important to know that its benefits don’t stop there. Since Linalool is potent in Vitamin E, facial washes, creams, and moisturizers that are high in this terpene can be significantly more effective. By fending off radicals and treating cellular damage, Linalool users can acquire smooth and blemish-free skin. 

Experience the Wonders of Linalool

Thanks to its abundance in everyday products, it’s safe to say that Linalool is best suited for casual use. Whether you want to relax after a long day or if you’re looking for new ways to take care of your health, purchasing products that are rich in this terpene will do you wonders. From reducing stress to battling inflammation, Linalool can give you all that and more.

As you go on your search for Linalool products, you should make it a point to shop with care. Some brands may tempt you with too good to be true promos, but don’t let these cheap price tags deceive you. Purchasing inauthentic terpenes won’t just affect your savings, it can also pose risks to your overall wellness.

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