Featured Terpene Pulegone

Featured Terpene: Pulegone

Pulegone Terpene use has become increasingly prominent over the past decade. The various applications and benefits of using these compounds have led to more people turning to them for treating different illnesses. As utilization of terpenes increases all over the world, so should your awareness and knowledge of these aromatic compounds.

There is no shortage of different terpenes, each with unique characteristics and capabilities, making it imperative that you slowly get acquainted with each one. Our featured terpene for this blog post is the pulegone. Read on to learn what pulegone is and about its wide array of health benefits.

Pulegone Terpene Profile

Pulegone has a pleasant odor reminiscent of peppermint candies. Like its smell, the pulegone terpene’s taste is comparable to mint with added notes of sweetness. Due to its refreshing aromatic and flavor profile, business sectors like the food industry often use it as an additive to desserts. 

The pulegone terpene compound is also a key ingredient in perfumes, toothpaste, and other products known for their minty flavor profile and aroma. 

You can find pulegone in plants like Catnip or Spearmint, which belong to the “mint family” of herbs. The terpene is also present in the essential oils of blackcurrant and pennyroyal. As for consistency and appearance, pulegone is easily identifiable due to its transparent look and greasy viscosity.

7 Health Benefits of Pulegone

The pulegone is an intriguing terpene that holds many potential health benefits. As such, researchers from around the globe have been conducting studies on the terpene and identifying ways they can use pulegone in treating various conditions. 

These experiments produced results that put pulegone at the forefront of experts’ minds when creating different treatments. The following are the health benefits of using pulegone.

1. Anti-inflammatory

A prominent health benefit of pulegone is its anti-inflammatory properties. When used, pulegone terpene can alleviate pain caused by illnesses like arthritis and may also decrease discomfort due to muscular stress.

In a study, experts tested herbs such as Clinopodium nepeta and Mentha piperita, plants that are primary pulegone terpene sources. After the testing phase, researchers discovered that pulegone exhibited potent anti-inflammatory molecules, making it a viable treatment for chronic inflammatory diseases.

2. Antiviral

With the recent outbreaks, pulegone could be a valuable compound against viral diseases.

Researchers found that the terpene exhibited great potential as an antiviral when testing pulegone as a therapeutic agent against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The study also concluded that it’s a promising compound that can serve as a basis for future treatment creation against viral diseases.

3. Antimicrobial

One of the most astounding pulegone terpene effects is its antimicrobial action and the potential of this compound to reduce dosage while maintaining efficacy. Researchers evaluated pulegone when combined with certain chemicals like nisin or monolaurin.

The results showed that pulegone could be a key element in creating treatments and decreasing the development cycle of antimicrobial resistance.

4. Anti-convulsant

If you suffer from conditions like epilepsy, using pulegone can be an effective anti-convulsant. Researchers conducted experiments regarding the capabilities of medical plants in managing epilepsy. The experiment boasted remarkable results as researchers found that pulegone significantly increases the latency of convulsions.

While pulegone does not prevent convulsions, it can significantly help you if you experience seizures due to epileptic episodes.

5. Helps ease anxiety

Anxiety can be complex, especially if you’ve exhausted different medical options and have not seen positive results. Fortunately, pulegone could be the treatment that alleviates some of the stresses caused by this condition.

A study that utilized pulegone terpene on mice test subjects determined that the compound decreased anxiety levels throughout testing. Furthermore, the researchers discovered that pulegone was dose-dependent, meaning that higher quantities produced the most potent anti-anxiety effects.

6. Decongestant

If you’re experiencing sinus problems, pulegone can help in decongestion. Since the terpene comes from herbs in the “mint family,” it is an excellent expectorant and decongestant, used for decades to treat clogged noses and sinus-related conditions.

7. Analgesic

Those who suffer from chronic pain can significantly benefit from using the pulegone terpene as research concluded its high potential as an analgesic.

As per studies, the pulegone terpene produced higher analgesic properties than other compounds tested during the experiment. With this significantly more robust efficacy, experts identified that the terpene could be a critical component that can help reduce pain sensations when mixed with other compounds.

The Great Potential of Pulegone

Pulegone is another terpene that can add value to different business sectors with its aromatic and flavor profile alone. However, this terpene’s most intriguing application is its potential use in medicine, specifically in creating treatments. 

From its antimicrobial properties that can expedite disease resistance to its anti-inflammatory capabilities to help chronic pain, experts have only scratched the surface of what pulegone can offer. With enough time and research, pulegone terpene can potentially treat more diseases. 

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