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6 Potential Health Benefits of Live Resins

In this article we will discuss about Health Benefits of Live Resins. Many people use live resin products because of their taste and aroma. These terpene products come in various forms and can be consumed in different ways. Some of their most common forms include sap, sugar, badder or budder, and sauce. 

But while live resin is widely consumed, what most people don’t know is that this potent flower concentrate has various health benefits when consumed in moderate amounts. This article will discuss those benefits in detail. 

Live Resins: 6 Potential Health Benefits

1. Eases chronic pain*

Studies have been conducted to determine the effects of live resin on chronic pain. Initial results show that live resin consumption can help alleviate chronic pain, thanks to the psychoactive substances it contains. 

The psychoactive substances resemble certain chemicals that naturally occur in the body. When these are inhaled or ingested, the brain’s receptors are stimulated and the brain’s reward system is activated. As such, the body’s pain levels decrease.

A 2015 study suggests that live resin can be effective for treating some types of chronic pain, including neuropathy or numbness. A 2016 study also found that live resin had provided benefits to cancer patients and people with chronic migraines. The results showed that about 70% of the cancer patient-participants experienced lesser pain while those with chronic migraine had decreased episodes.

While these results show live resin’s promising potential in managing pain, further research is necessary to validate these findings.

2. Relieves nausea*

The University of New Mexico has conducted a study on the effects of flower concentrates on nausea symptoms. The study used time intervals of 5 minutes to 1 hour after live resin consumption.

The results indicated an average symptom improvement of 4 points out of 10 just moments after consumption, with increasing benefits over time.  

Researchers are conducting more studies to get more concrete data, but at the moment, the use of flowers suggests faster and greater relief for nausea symptoms.

3. Alleviates anxiety*

Another Potential health benefit of consuming live resin is that it can help alleviate anxiety. However, it should be consumed in moderate amounts. Too much intake can cause the opposite effect, leading to an increased level of anxiety.

A 2017 study showed that consuming flower products in moderation can greatly benefit people struggling with anxiety. Based on the findings, 37.8% of the patients had less anxiety after consumption, 16.9% had fewer panic attacks, and 55.1% felt more relaxed. 

4. Enhances sleep*

Several studies have been conducted to find out how plant consumption affects sleep. The results are encouraging, as live resin has been found to promote better sleep quality. Participants who had consumed live resin also reported fewer sleep disturbances and a decreased time to fall asleep. 

One particular study found that consuming live resin can effectively relieve symptoms of restless legs syndrome. This condition refers to how the nervous system produces sensations in the legs, causing one to involuntarily move their legs and experience disruptions in their sleep.

5. Manages symptoms of multiple sclerosis*

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease affecting the brain and spinal cord. This condition can cause a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with balance, sensation, vision, and arm or leg movement.

A study has found that live resin consumption can help combat MS symptoms. The results showed an improvement in the participants’ spasticity or muscle stiffness problems.

6. Lowers blood pressure*

Blood pressure typically rises when someone experiences a stressful event. Other causes of high blood pressure include lack of exercise, excessive smoking, too much salt intake, excessive alcohol consumption, old age, and genetics.

The consumption of plants and flowers has been shown to lower blood pressure after an exercise or other physically demanding activity. It has also been found to reduce one’s resting blood pressure. A 2017 study tested 10 male subjects and found that their resting blood pressure had decreased with a reduced stroke volume.

Live Resin: It’s More Beneficial Than What People Think

Using plant and flower concentrates like live resin isn’t just for leisure. These terpene products also offer health benefits for the user’s physical and mental well-being. As long as they’re taken in moderate amounts, consuming them can produce a pleasant experience and promote health benefits. 

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*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and do not guarantee live resin’s ability to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Consult with your doctor before consuming any live resin products you don’t already have in your diet.

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