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How to Buy Terpenes: Ensuring Quality and Safety

In this article we will discuss about buy terpenes. More and more people are quickly catching onto the terpene trend, thanks to the various benefits of these aromatic compounds. Aside from their therapeutic uses, they are also known to have antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects. 

The increasing popularity of terpenes can also be attributed to the fact that they’re becoming a lot more accessible in recent years. They’re not only sold in physical stores, but are also now being marketed and sold online. 

When buying terpenes, it helps to know what you’re doing to ensure the quality and safety of your product. This infographic will break down what you need to know and the steps to take to buy terpenes the right way.

How to Buy Terpenes - Infographic

The Right Way to Buy Terpenes

It used to be that terpenes were purchased only from physical stores and wholesale suppliers. Now, they have made their way to e-commerce.

Brick and Mortar Stores

Physical storefronts are still common among terpene suppliers, directly catering to customers. These shops showcase terpene products for those who prefer to check out the products first-hand. While some brands have their own retail shops, others have set up their stores in shopping malls.

Online Sellers 

Many terpene suppliers – like Medical Terpenes – have now adopted e-commerce and have proceeded to launch their online stores. These virtual shops showcase their products through a curated shopping website that contains their product line, including the product information. Some brands have also made a move to sell their terpene products on major marketplaces and online selling platforms like Amazon. 

Wholesale Suppliers

Most wholesale suppliers don’t operate a store but instead supply businesses with terpene products in bulk. These businesses, online or retail, in turn sell the products to distributors and manufacturers. Meanwhile, some terpene wholesale suppliers deliver boxcar-sized lots to smaller wholesalers, who then sell the products to retailers.

How to Buy Terpenes 

1. Find a reputable seller 

The first thing you should do when buying terpenes is to look for a reputable seller. This can mean reading reviews and recommendations from customers and retailers. By reviewing the experience of others who have purchased in the past, you can gauge the legitimacy of the terpene brand. 

You can also look into a seller’s reputation by simply checking its website. Aside from showcasing the product line, the website should also list the seller’s authorizations or licenses, customer testimonials, or the profile of its experts who assess the quality of its products. In most instances, a trustworthy supplier also has a solid history selling its terpene products on the national or global market. 

2. Pick the right terpenes for you

Different terpenes have different effects. Some alleviate anxiety, such as alpha-pinene and beta-caryophyllene, while others relieve pain symptoms like borneol, linalool, and myrcene.

Before setting out to buy terpenes, be sure to know which types are right for you by identifying your needs and the concerns you want addressed. This way, it will be easier for you to narrow down your search.

3. Choose your desired qualities

Terpene blends come in various purity and potency levels. Some are sold in concentrated flavors, while others are manufactured with additives. 

The more concentrated a blend is, the more potent its effect is. It also provides a higher flavor-to-viscosity ratio, allowing you more freedom to control the flavor and flow rate of your distillates. You can choose which terpene profile you want to try, but a good rule of thumb is to start with lower doses, slowly increasing them until you find the minimum effective dose.

One more thing you have to consider when buying terpenes is to verify if your seller has a food-grade statement for all its terpene products. This helps ensure that the terpene extracts and derivatives you’re buying are safe for human consumption.  

4. Check out and claim your terpenes or wait for delivery

After assessing which terpene products to buy (and verifying with the sales representative any information you may want clarified), it’s time to proceed to the checkout counter to claim your terpenes. If you purchased your terpenes online, wait for your package to be delivered on the date indicated on the checkout page.

5. Experiment to find your favorites

Terpenes are manufactured in different product applications, such as tinctures, edibles, vaporizers, and lotions. After purchasing your product of choice, try it out to see how it makes you feel. Note that people react to terpenes differently according to their metabolism, tolerance levels, and intake method.

Some achieve the desired effects by using terpene extracts. Others find it best to apply creams and lotions instead. Depending on the user’s individual needs, terpenes produce different effects and results for everyone. 

As you try different terpene profiles and products, take note of your consumption method and its effects. This can help you identify the best profile and method for the effects you’re after.

Tips for Buying Terpenes

To ensure the safety and quality of the terpene products you’re purchasing, here are some of the best practices when buying terpenes:

Check your country’s regulation of specific plant-derived terpenes

In general, terpenes are entirely legal. In fact, many types of terpenes are recognized as safe for consumption by the Food and Drug Administration. However, certain plant-derived terpenes are regulated in some jurisdictions. 

When buying terpenes, make sure to check first your region’s legislation on the use of specific terpene varieties. This will help you avoid possible criminal actions that may be filed against you for failing to comply with terpene regulations. More importantly, it will help guarantee that the terpene products you’re buying are safe for ingestion.

Check for the seller’s COA 

A certificate of analysis (COA) is an authenticated document which indicates that certain products have undergone laboratory testing. The FDA lists specific requirements for COA documents, including evidence of conformance and a signature indicating that the evidence presented was reviewed by a qualified and authorized product inspector.

Before a COA is issued, a laboratory test has to be conducted first by an accredited third-party laboratory. The laboratory report usually contains the product’s ingredients, levels of each terpene used in the product, and any impurities or contaminants found in the product.

A detailed lab report can help confirm that whatever is listed on the label is actually what the product contains. That said, be sure to always look for the seller’s COA. 

Understand terpene concentration and potency

Certain terpenes produce a more potent effect when mixed with psychoactive compounds. And while concentrated terpene blends can magnify the product’s therapeutic benefits, they can potentially trigger sensitivities in some people. 

Therefore, when buying terpenes, it’s important that you’re aware of your tolerance levels. It’s also crucial that you understand the effects of the terpene product’s varying concentration levels.  

Check for freshness

Since terpene concentration and potency can diminish over time, it’s always best to look for terpene products that have a recent manufacture date. After all, you want something that’s fragrant (which indicates high terpene content), not stale. By consuming fresh terpene products, you can get the most out of their therapeutic benefits. 

Keep an eye out for other ingredients 

Some manufacturers add chemicals to their terpene products to enhance their flavor or shelf life. However, these additives may not be right for everyone, as they may cause reactions in some people. Hence, always check the product for other compounds and make sure you do not have sensitivity to any of its ingredients.  

Consider the application 

Terpenes are manufactured for a variety of applications – from food and skincare to aromatherapy and atomization. Consider which application you’ll need the terpene product for. After assessing your needs, you’re all set for the checkout process.

Store your terpenes properly to improve shelf life

Proper storage is a must if you want your terpenes to last and preserve their quality. As a rule, high temperatures can cause terpenes to evaporate. However, you also want to avoid freezing temperatures because they can cause your terpenes to lose potency. 

In addition, you should keep your terpene products away from light and moisture to avoid breaking down the chemical bonds that give terpenes their potency. Ideally, the humidity levels should range between 59% and 63% RH. Finally, make sure your storage containers are clean and free from dirt and grime to avoid contaminating the product.

Get the Best with Medical Terpenes

Knowing how to buy terpenes the right way helps ensure that what you’re buying is safe and of standard quality. It also helps guarantee you’ll get the most out of their benefits. 

Now that you know how to ensure quality and safety when buying terpenes, you can start looking up terpene profiles and strains to see which ones best address your needs and concerns. 

If you’re looking for a reliable terpene supplier, check out Medical Terpenes for top quality terpenes that work with just about any application.

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