How to Mix Terpenes with Isolates

How to Mix Terpenes with Isolates: A Beginner’s Guide

In this article we will discuss about terpene isolates. Adding is a great way to boost the effects. In particular, you get enhanced flavors and aromas and increased potency out of terpene and isolate mixtures. 

If you’re looking to throw in terpene to your isolate, here’s how to do it. While the mixing process may sound simple, you need to carefully consider the mixing ratios to achieve your desired effects.

What are Isolates?

Isolates are plant extracts refined into their purest form. They contain a single substance, devoid of any fats or other plant compounds. Cannabidiol is the most common example of isolate, which is often used in most terpene blends.

Manufacturers use specific distillation techniques to extract terpene isolates. Here, the plant matter is first refined into an essential oil. Then, the oil is heated to vaporize certain compounds. 

The vapor is directed to a condenser where it is re-liquified in a separate chamber. This process removes the oxygenated compounds. From there, the remaining oil is further refined until it achieves its pure form. 

Why Should You Mix Terpenes with Isolates?

Many of the plant’s natural components, such as terpenes, are lost during the refining process. Thus, the final product — the isolate — tends to be less potent. 

Manufacturers and terpene enthusiasts have discovered the wonders of mixing terpenes with isolates to solve this problem. The process boosts the therapeutic effects of isolates, increasing their efficacy and potency.

Materials You’ll Need When Mixing Terpenes with Isolates

  • Glass jar
  • Dropper
  • Glass syringe
  • Thick-bottom dish or pan
  • Heating source
  • Cartridge
  • Rubber gloves and safety eyewear
  • Stirrer (optional)

Mixing Terpenes with Isolates: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mixing terpenes with isolates is a straightforward process. However, you need to pay attention to key factors, such as safety and mixing ratios. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly mix terpenes with isolates.

1. Prepare the materials 

Not all terpenes are made equal. As such, when mixing terpenes and isolates, begin by selecting your terpene profile of choice. In particular, decide what kind of taste, scent, and effects you want to achieve. From there, choose the terpene type that suits your needs. 

Be sure to dilute the terpene carefully before proceeding with the process. The ideal dilution ratio is 1% to 5% terpene of the total volume of the carrier oil. 

Once the terpene is ready, prepare the mixing materials and review the mixing ratios. The terpene should not be more than 10% of the mixture. Since terpenes are very concentrated, even a few drops can have a potent effect.

2. Observe safety measures

Due to their concentration, terpene isolates can be highly volatile and combustible. Thus, before starting the mixing process, be sure to observe precautions to ensure your safety. Wear protective equipment such as rubber gloves and safety eyewear. 

Also, it is ideal to conduct the mixing process in a well-ventilated area. A water source should also be available nearby where you can quickly wash in case of an accident. Additionally, a fire extinguisher should be accessible in case a fire breaks out. 

3. Heat the isolate

After setting up everything, the next step is to heat the isolate. Place the glass of isolate on a dish or thick-bottom pan filled with water at least an inch high. Set the burner on low flame and wait until the water boils at 140°F (60°C). 

At this point, the isolate usually thins, indicating it’s ready to be mixed with the terpene.

4. Mix in the terpene

Once the isolate thins, take the diluted terpene and mix them using a stirrer. Then gently shake the glass until the mixture clears. The safe mixing ratio is 1 to 2 drops of terpene to 1 gram of isolate.  

5. Fill the cartridge

After mixing the terpene and isolate, quickly transfer the mixture to the cartridge using a syringe. If the cartridge is made of plastic materials, the terpene concentration should be below 6% of the total solution. Note, however, that terpenes may cause the plastic to degrade, potentially affecting the mixture’s flavor. Meanwhile, since glass cartridges are unreactive, terpenes may be added to up to 10% of the solution. 

Once you’re done filling the cartridge, close the lid and place it in the fridge for about five minutes or until it reaches 110°F to 120°F (43°C to 49°C). Chilling the mixture will help bring it back to room temperature. Once done, test the flavor and enjoy.

Creating the Best Terpene Blends

Adding terpenes enhances the potency of isolates, giving them a better taste and aroma while improving their therapeutic effects

When mixing terpenes and isolates, you don’t need to be an expert. However, be sure to pay attention to the proper mixing ratios and safety precautions to create an effective and flavorful mixture.

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