How to Use Terpenes

How to Use Terpenes: A Visual Guide

Nowadays, terpene enthusiasts are getting more and more creative with terpene applications. Depending on your preference, there are various ways to consume these aromatic compounds, each with their own unique benefits.

Check the infographic below to learn how to consume terpenes and get the best possible experience.

how to use terpenes visual guide

Understanding Terpenes 

Terpenes are organic aromatic compounds that various plants produce to protect themselves from harsh weather and predators such as insects and herbivores. They are abundant in flowers, herbs, and citrus fruits.

Terpenes have properties that are useful for treating bacterial infections, migraines, wounds, and various diseases such as malaria, cancer, and diabetes. Because of their aroma, they are also used to create essential oils and perfumes.

Even non-terpene users encounter terpenes daily, as these compounds are contained in various products such as food flavorings, lotions, cosmetics, and even cleaning products.

Among the most common terpene types found in nature include pinene, myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, terpineol, and terpinolene. Each has distinct characteristics and differing effects on pain management, anxiety, and immunity.

7 Ways to Use Terpenes

From relieving stress to treating chronic diseases, terpenes play a significant role in human health. If you want to reap the rewards of these aromatic compounds, here’s how to use terpenes properly.

1. Vaporizing

Vaporizing is considered a healthier and more effective method of consuming terpenes than smoking because vaporizers provide more temperature control than an open flame. This feature is essential, given that heating terpenes at high temperatures can create harmful irritants and ruin the valuable elements of these compounds.

Vaporizing also allows for dosage control and preserves the aromatic profile of terpenes since they’re not mixed with paper, smoke, or tobacco flavors, which is usually the case with smoking.

On top of these benefits, vaporizers come in small and portable sizes, making it easy to use them. Vaporized terpenes also tend to be milder than smoked ones, allowing you to medicate without bothering people near you.

2. Dabbing

Dabbing involves heating the flower concentrate using a dab rig or glass pipe. Like vaporizing, inhaling terpenes through dabbing should only be done at low temperatures to preserve the terpenes’ flavor and prevent the formation of toxic chemicals such as carcinogenic compounds, methacrolein, and benzene.

Dabbing is still considered healthier than smoking when done at the correct temperatures.

One product that is best consumed through dabbing is live resin terpenes. To start, heat the dab rig’s nail with a torch lighter, then cool it for 10 to 30 seconds. Use a dab tool to scoop a small amount of live resin, then dab the product into the heated nail and swirl it as you inhale from the mouthpiece.

3. Using a pen

If you don’t prefer a dab rig, you can use a pen as an alternative. To use the device, tap its coil into the terpene concentrate or pre-load it using a dab tool, then inhale from the mouthpiece. You can bring your terpene pen anywhere as most are designed to be small and portable like vaporizers.

4. Sublingual consumption

Apart from inhaling terpenes, you can also consume them sublingually using concentrated extracts called tinctures. Terpene tinctures are made of flowers, alcohol, and water. Since they come in high concentrations, you should only take them in small doses. 

To control the dosage, it’s best to use a dropper tool. If you’re not sure how to perform sublingual consumption on your own, consult a medical professional or licensed herbalist to guide you on the product’s proper administration.

Tinctures are not to be mistaken for flower oil. Both come in similar bottles and are technically processed the same way. However, flower oils are made from plant extracts infused in carrier oils such as coconut, olive, or hemp seed.

5. Mixing terpenes with food

Adding terpenes to food is another way to consume these compounds. For a more elevated dining experience, pair your recipes or desserts with specific terpene types.

For example, limonene is commonly recommended for tangy and sweet desserts such as strawberry shortcake or key lime pie. Meanwhile, the herbal notes of myrcene make it a great addition to quiche or salmon. Small dosages of terpene products can also be added to sweet snacks such as cookies, candies, or chocolates.

6. Adding terpenes to drinks

Similar to food, terpenes can also be added to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. For instance, you can add small dosages of water-soluble terpenes to juices, cocktails, and water to enhance their taste.

Before consuming a second terpene-infused drink, give your stomach time to absorb the concentrate. Also, avoid experimenting with high doses of terpenes and alcoholic drinks to ensure your safety.

7. Aromatherapy

Terpenes are best known for their aromatic properties, which is why they’re often used for aromatherapy applications. 

Certain terpene types offer calming effects due to their aroma. For instance, linalool is particularly useful for relieving anxiety and other pains, thanks in part to its sweet and floral scent. Another is humulene, whose earthy and woody smell helps relieve inflammation.

You can use a scent diffuser, aromatic spritzer, or facial steamer to infuse your surroundings with the fresh and aromatic scent of terpenes.

Using Terpenes to Improve Well-being

Terpenes offer several health benefits, from relieving pain to treating chronic diseases. With the different consumption methods listed above, you can now safely explore terpenes with more confidence.

However, when trying terpenes for the first time, it’s still best to consult a medical professional or licensed herbalist to ensure your safety. Likewise, remember to shop for terpenes only from trusted brands for authentic, high-quality products.

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