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7 Ways to Safely Consume Terpenes

Terpenes have been in the spotlight for their potency and therapeutic effects. These aromatic compounds continue to gain popularity for their influence on flower experiences and potential medical benefits.

However, the safe ways to consume them for maximum benefits are still somewhat unclear to general consumers. The article aims to provide information about how to consume terpenes safely.

How to Consume Terpenes: 7 Safe Methods

Knowing how to properly use terpenes is crucial in ensuring their safe consumption. Here are seven ways to safely consume these potent compounds.

1. Vaporizing

One of the most common ways to safely use terpenes is through vaporization. This process allows you to inhale the terpene in vapor form. The method also avoids the combustion of the material, reducing the intake of potentially harmful irritants.

You will need a vaporizer to perform the process. After turning on the device, load the chamber with your terpene of choice then seal it properly. Next, adjust the temperature to about 360°F – 380°F. 

Temperatures below 350°F produce a mild effect, which is ideal for beginners. Meanwhile, temperatures over 400°F render a stronger effect suitable for severe symptom relief.

Once the vaporizer is warmed up, you may begin inhaling through the mouthpiece. Remember to pace yourself to achieve your desired effect.

2. Dabbing

Dabbing is ideal for those who don’t want to inhale smoke while consuming terpenes. The method heats up the oil or wax so that it vaporizes instead of igniting. In turn, no smoke is produced during the process. 

Dabbing requires a specialized water pipe called a dab rig. You’ll also need a carb cap, torch, and dabber to perform the process. 

To start, heat the nail at the bottom. Once it’s hot enough, turn off the torch and cool the nail for about 45 to 60 seconds. 

When you have the right temperature (between 545°F and 570°F), place the dab on the nail using the dabber and begin inhaling slowly. While doing so, remember to cover and uncover the nail to regulate airflow. 

3. Oral consumption

Whether you prefer to chew your terpene or opt to keep the edible under your tongue, oral consumption is one of the safest methods of terpene consumption. Note, however, that terpenes must be diluted first before use as these compounds are highly potent in their pure form and may cause adverse health effects when ingested in such form.

4. Mixing terpenes with drinks

Terpene cocktails are a great way to get your daily dose of terpenes without smoking them. If you’re new to using terpenes, this can be a fun way to try out different flavors.

Water-soluble terpenes are easy to mix with beverages. Simply add one or two drops, and you’re good to go. You can experiment on your own as well to create your desired flavors. Just remember to mix first the terpenes with an emulsifier such as propylene glycol to make them soluble.

5. Adding terpenes to food

Beyond their protective function, terpenes also enhance the flavor and aroma of recipes. For starters, these compounds are responsible for the characteristic taste and smell of various plants such as garlic, ginger root, basil, mint, and parsley. 

To spice up your usual dishes, you can try terpene-containing recipes like lavender chamomile honey tart, melon salad with fennel, lemon verbena and feta, and charred broccoli with coriander and cumin seeds. 

For extracted terpenes, the best way to incorporate them into your food is by infusing them with your favorite butter or cooking oil. The recommended starting volume is .5%, adjusting the dosage gradually depending on your preference. 

Remember that different terpenes have varying boiling points. A steady, slow flame is your best bet to prevent overheating your terpenes.

6. Topical application 

Topical application is likewise one of the safest ways to use terpenes. This method is ideal for those who use terpenes as antiseptic, anti-fungal, or anti-inflammatory agents. Here, the compounds reach the skin’s deeper layer, facilitating wound healing.  

When applying a terpene product to your skin, be sure to neutralize it first by mixing it with a carrier oil like coconut oil. Directly dabbing terpenes to the skin may cause severe irritation or allergy.

7. Aromatherapy application

Aromatherapy involves using essential oils to enhance well-being. When inhaled, the molecules in the essential oil travel to the brain, improving the organ’s emotional center. This method has been employed for thousands of years and continues to be one of the most popular ways to.

Various aromatherapy products can be used to perform the process, such as diffusers, inhalers, and aromatic spritzers. One study found that ingesting terpene-rich essential oils through an inhaler may help relieve symptoms of asthma and lung-related inflammation.

Enjoying Terpenes the Safe Way

There are various ways to consume terpenes, but it’s essential that you’re aware of which methods are safe and which ones are not. With the discussion above, you now have an understanding of how to use it properly. This way, you can be sure you’re using terpenes the right way while enjoying their benefits. 

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