Important Tips to Dilute Terpenes Safely

6 Important Tips to Dilute Terpenes Safely

Terpenes offer us a world of benefits — from enhancing the flavor and aroma of various products to boosting their therapeutic benefits, the applications for these fragrant compounds are endless.

There are many ways to consume and apply these aromatic compounds. You can even mix and match different terpene extracts to create your own flavor profile. However, note that terpenes are extremely potent in their pure form. As such, you can’t use them directly, or you risk side effects. To use terpenes safely, you have to dilute them first. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to dilute terpenes properly, so you get the best possible experience.

Diluting Your Terpenes: 6 Essential Tips

1. Start with a small amount

You probably want to start big. But that might prove counterproductive. You might end up overwhelming your senses. So, start with a modest amount. 

While you can use a 500 ml terpene bottle, going for a 5 ml bottle is recommended, especially when you’re starting your terpene journey.

Also, it’s important that you know what you’re using terpenes for. For example, if you’re after relaxation, there’s caryophyllene or myrcene. If you want to improve your sleep, opt for linalool. Meanwhile, limonene is a good option if you want to relieve stress.

2. Wear protective equipment

As we’ve mentioned before, some terpenes in high concentrations can be toxic, so you’ll want to be wearing protective equipment like gloves whenever you’re handling them directly.

Also, be sure to wear a mask and avoid touching your face when doing the process and find a well-ventilated area to set up your equipment to avoid directly inhaling the terpenes as they can irritate the lungs when ingested in large amounts. 

3. Sterilize your materials before using them

Before proceeding with the dilution process, make sure to sterilize your materials to avoid contamination. You’d want to keep everything as clean as possible to keep the end product pure. You don’t have to buy special equipment for sterilization. Just use a mixture of one-gallon hot water and two tablespoons of chlorine bleach for the process.

4. Understand the proper dilution ratio

When mixing terpenes with a carrier oil, the rule of thumb is to use not more than 10% terpenes in the solution. It is recommended to start with a 1% infusion, especially for newbies. Once you gauge how your body reacts, you may increase the amount little by little. 

Here’s a sample dilution ratio: If you want to fill a 20 ml bottle with 5% infusion, you need 1 ml of your chosen terpenes.

Aside from the amount, an equally important consideration is your choice of carrier oil. Keep in mind that terpene concentrates have a sticky consistency. As such, you need a carrier oil that can effectively dilute your chosen terpene. Among the carrier oils most commonly used include coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil.

5. Store your terpene oil properly

Exposure to heat, air, and light will degrade your terpene oil faster. So, if you want to preserve your terpene product’s flavor, aroma, and potency, make sure to store it in a place spared from those elements. Ideally, you should use a container with a tight lid. 

If you opt to store your terpene oil in the fridge, wrap the container with a thick wad of cloth or paper to keep the fridge’s light from compromising the product’s quality.

6. Buy only from a reputable seller

With terpenes’ popularity comes sellers left and right. A few clicks will take you to an online terpene store promising quality products. However, not all online terpene shops are created equal. 

That said, make sure to read reviews. Verify if the manufacturer has experts in their team or valid certificates. The last thing you want to happen is to risk your own or your customer’s health because a terpene product that’s potentially harmful and inauthentic.

Diluting Terpenes Safely

To have the best experience with your terpene use, be sure to properly dilute it first. In doing so, consider the tips discussed above to ensure your safety.

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