Sex and Terpenes

Sex and Terpenes: Using Terpenes in the Bedroom

In this article we will discuss about using terpenes in the bedroom. Terpenes are diverse organic compounds derived from plants, herbs, fruits, and other vegetation types. Responsible for the scent and flavor of foliage, terpenes also provide both physical and mental benefits, serving as effective alternative treatments for anxiety, inflammation, body pain, and more.

Aside from their more well-known applications, terpenes have potential benefits in the bedroom. Recent studies have concluded that using it heightens the user’s touch sensitivity and feelings of intensity, enhancing the sexual experience.

Discover more about the performance-boosting capabilities of the compound as this blog post discusses the best terpenes for sex.

7 Best Terpenes for Sex: Types and Properties

Terpenes come in different types, each with its own unique effects. That said, certain variations of the organic compound work better than others in improving aspects of sexual activity.

If you’re searching for the best terpenes for sex, the following are some compounds to try.

1. Limonene

A primary constituent of the Rutaceae plant family, you can find the limonene compound in the rind of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes. Per research regarding the sexual benefits of terpene, limonene boasts libido-boosting effects upon inhalation. 

This phenomenon happens because the terpene creates a body-warming sense of intense euphoria that puts you in a relaxed state, helping increase sexual desire. Limonene also boasts gradual calming properties, which is beneficial if you want to remain excited for a while without the jarring experience of a sudden effect drop.

2. Linalool

Derived from plants like birch bark and lavender, terpene enthusiasts use linalool for its potent calming effects as it reduces the hormone cortisol. High cortisol levels result in tense muscles and increased heart rate, making it challenging to unwind and perform intimate activities.

Linalool terpenes boost physiological and behavioral arousal, helping you reach a relaxed state and feel more comfortable performing.

3. Myrcene

Myrcene is a monoterpene commonly found in hops, revered for its pain-relieving benefits. The terpene variant contains potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, helping alleviate any discomfort you may experience during sex. 

It’s worth noting that quantity matters when you use myrcene. High doses of the terpene can result in you experiencing strong sedative effects, leaving you in a dormant state.

4. Terpinolene

A terpene known for its herbal and woody flavor with notes of citrus pine, terpinolene comes from various plant species like oregano, rosemary, and cilantro. Aside from its unique taste and sweet aroma, the terpene is famous for invigorating the body and mind. 

Studies on terpinolene concluded that the compound increases the body’s capabilities of producing metabolites, a substance necessary to convert food and drinks into energy effectively. Terpinonele is the perfect terpene to boost energy levels and increase vigor during intimate activities. 

5. Beta-caryophyllene

Beta-caryophyllene is a terpene found in cloves and most pinnate-leaved South American trees. This terpene is best known for its antioxidant properties and for improving metabolism. Apart from these benefits, beta-caryophyllene can help in different sexual aspects.

According to research, this terpene contains properties that help combat impotence and increases longevity during bedroom activities. Beta-caryophyllene is the best choice if you’re looking for a terpene that lets you last longer during romantic acts of passion.

6. Alpha-Pinene

If you’re having difficulty focusing or experiencing high-anxiety levels that leave you unable to become intimate, alpha-pinene is an excellent mood enhancer. 

A terpene extracted from eucalyptus plants, research shows alpha-pinene helps sharpen your thought process, giving you a clear mind and increased interest in the bedroom.

7. Humulene

The terpene humulene comes from plants like ginseng and sage, ingredients commonly used in traditional medicine. Most turn to this terpene type due to its tremendous effects that help vitality and boost overall health, which can aid in making you feel energetic and vigorous during specific bedroom scenarios.

Furthermore, if you experience joint pain or episodes of a restless body during these activities, surveys have shown that using humulene can be an effective treatment. Humulene is a terpene that you must strongly consider trying if you want to keep yourself feeling young and active during intimate settings.

Increase Sensations with Terpenes

Terpenes are renowned for their physical and mental health benefits, with the substance becoming more popular among people searching for alternative treatments for different illnesses. However, a little-known advantage of using terpenes is how they can help certain aspects of bedroom activity.

Different terpenes help in multiple areas like longevity, elevating mood, and even pain relief felt during these scenarios. So, if you want to perform better and enhance the experience during intimate moments, we hope this guide gives you better insight into the best terpenes for sex.

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