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Featured Terpene 3 Carene

Featured Terpene: 3-Carene

3-carene Terpenes are organic components responsible for the unique aroma and flavor of plants. There are over 20,000 varieties of terpenes; some produce fruity scents, while others give off an earthy musk.  Aside from their interesting scents, terpenes are also known for their medical effects. They’re a huge part of essential oils used for alternative

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Featured Terpene Borneol

Featured Terpene: Borneol

Borneol Terpenes are volatile hydrocarbon molecules commonly found all around nature. They are responsible for the powerful flavor and aroma of many plants and essential oils. For example, the Pinene terpene makes pine trees smell the way they are, uniquely peppery and a bit minty.  The main purpose of terpenes in the wild is to

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