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Upgrade Your Cocktails with Terpenes

Make your Friday nights more fun! Discover how to incorporate terpenes into your cocktails and enjoy a sensory experience like no other. Read more here!

Featured Terpene: Citral

Featured Terpene: Citral

Citral is a compound with strong citrus attributes. In this feature, we’ll discuss citral, its profile, and the health benefits it provides. Read on to learn more!

how to use terpenes

7 Ways to Safely Consume Terpenes

There are various ways to use terpenes, but it’s important to know how to properly do so. Here’s a guide on how to consume terpenes safely.

phytol terpene

Featured Terpene: Phytol

Learn about phytol terpene in this article, including its profile and health benefits.

Live Resin Terpenes

How to Buy Wholesale Terpenes in 5 Steps

Buying terpenes can be challenging due to the influx of terpene sellers and manufacturers. Here’s a guide on how to buy wholesale terpenes to help you get it right.

valencene terpene

Featured Terpene: Valencene

Valencene terpene is one of the many terpene types found in nature. Learn about its profile and benefits in this article.

camphene terpene

Featured Terpene: Camphene

Terpenes come in various types. In this article, we will discuss camphene terpene, a potent compound that has a lot to bring to the table.

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