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8 Terpene-Infused Products Worth Checking Out

In this article we want to discuss about terpene-infused. Terpenes are everywhere in nature. People have been exposed to these organic compounds more often than they are aware of. Whenever chefs slice a piece of orange and they smell that citrusy aroma emanating from the fruit, terpenes are working their magic. Whenever hikers breathe in that rejuvenating smell of pine trees, terpenes are doing their job. Yes, terpenes are responsible for the distinct aroma released by a specific plant or animal. But these compounds don’t just exist to make nature more pleasant to people’s olfactory nerves.

As with everything present in nature, terpenes have a practical purpose to those that contain them. Plants used terpenes to ward off infectious germs and herbivores. More complex terpenes in animals also serve as natural protection against predators, among other purposes.  The name terpene is related to the name termite, since termites emit a terpene as an alarm system.

There is an extensive variety of terpenes (check out our store for 100% organic quality terpenes). Here are some of the most noteworthy, claiming a host of medical benefits:

  • Pinene (boosts energy, improves focus and memory, bronchodilator)
  • Myrcene (anti-inflammatory, sedative, muscle relaxant, pain relief)
  • Linalool (anti-anxiety, sedative, pain relief, anti-bacterial) 
  • Caryophyllene (pain relief, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety)
  • Humulene (anti-inflammatory, pain relief, appetite suppressant, anti-tumor)
  • Terpineol (calming aid, antibacterial, antiviral, immune boost)
  • Terpinolene (analgesic, pain relief, digestive aid) 
  • Limonene (improves mood, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, relieves nausea)

Since there are many iterations of terpenes, the possibilities are endless in terms of their practicality to humans. As of late, their usage has gone beyond essential oils, where they are the primary component. They have been introduced to an array of consumer products that enjoy a steady increase in popularity. 

Here are some that are worth checking out. 

1. Rolling paper

This rolling paper goes well with cigarettes and other stuff that requires rolling. The only difference from run-of-the-mill rolling papers is how this one is infused with terpene isolates. Such infusion enhances the flavor of any rolled product and can significantly improve the overall experience. Terpenes-infused rolling papers come in different aromas, so there’s always something for everyone. 

2. Chocolate

Cocoa has its own terpene components, so it only makes sense for terpenes to be included as an active ingredient in chocolates. Unfortunately, the manufacturing processes for popular brands of chocolates retain little to nothing of these organic compounds. That has changed recently with new players in chocolate production, with a penchant for terpenes. 

3. Vegan Candy

There’s a product called Terp Sugar, which is derived from Oleum. It’s an organic sweetener that has found its way into store-bought vegan candies. Those with a sweet tooth and a bleeding heart for animals will find these products a welcome option. Plus, the incredibly pronounced flavors from the add up to a unique experience like no other.

4. Candles

It is no surprise that terpenes have found their way to candles. After all, these organic compounds’ main selling point is their natural-occurring aroma. The next time there’s a need to set the mood for a dinner date or you really want to enjoy a night in by yourself, Terpene-infused candles will do the job.

5. Aromatherapy

Spa fanatics have probably been exposed to terpenes more than they care to admit. That’s because the essential oils used in these places for relieving clients’ knotted muscles and whatnot are infused with terpenes. These essential oils are available online too. No need to visit a spa to experience terpenes’ magic.

6. Skincare & cosmetics

When introduced to skincare and cosmetics, terpenes offer two benefits. The number one benefit is the pleasant smell they provide to topical products like skin creams and hydrogels. On top of that, there are also the wellness benefits purported by terpenes enthusiasts. That means using a terpenes-infused lipstick not only beautifies the lips, it can also make the wearer feel more confident and less anxious.

7. Bath soap

After a weekend of hustling, a nice dip in the bathtub is always a great way to wind down. Add terpene-infused bath soap to the equation and elevate the experience to new heights. Terpene-infused- The combination of aromas and wellness make them a perfect ingredient in the mix. Think calm and relaxation at an elevated level. 

8. Craft beer

Level up Friday nights with terpenes-infused craft beer. Every sip is an olfactory and gustatory delight. Drinking will finally feel like an exercise in wellness as opposed to a journey to regrets. But that doesn’t mean you should ever overdo it. Always remember to drink responsibly. 

Get lifted with terpenes by not winging it

Terpenes are not just another trend. We know the benefits and they’re here to stay.

People interested in trying out terpenes either personally or commercially must get as informed as possible. Consider the risk of purchasing from an unreliable supplier that won’t give anyone the bang for their buck with heavily-diluted extracts. So, do not just wing it.

Medical Terpenes takes pride in how we extract and manufacture our products. Rest assured our terpenes are packing uncompromised quality, and of course, dankness.  

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