Terpenes FAQ We Answer Your Most Asked Questions

Terpenes FAQ: We Answer Your Most Asked Questions

In this article we want to discuss about terpenes FAQ. In the health and wellness aspect, terpenes are currently on the rise for the several benefits they potentially offer. However, they’re a relatively new product so it’s best to have adequate knowledge about them to avoid any misunderstandings. As a general definition of what they are, terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in plants. 

People associate terpenes with playing a vital role in plants as they often contain high amounts of terpenes, which is how plants gain their flavors and scents. This makes them ideal for scented product markets such as essential oils and aromatherapy.

But there’s just so much more to terpenes and what they can do. So, in this post, we’ll be answering your top questions about terpenes. 

Terpenes FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

What are terpenes used for?

Terpenes play a vital role in plants to ensure that the plants recover from certain damage. The terpenes in some plants can attract pollinators, while others can repel predators because of the strong scent and flavor they give off. To put it simply, terpenes are aromatic compounds that give fragrance and protect plants from bugs and germs. 

Are terpenes naturally occurring? 

Terpenes are naturally occurring organic compounds that when isolated, can be used to enhance a product’s scent, which is the science behind how terpenes are created. Our terpenes at Medical Terpenes are 100% organic derived and are extracted directly from plants. However, you should always make sure that your terpenes come from a reputable source to avoid unwanted additives. 

Do different terpenes have different effects?

Although terpenes with similar fragrances and aromas can have similar effects, when it comes down to it, different terpenes have different effects. For example, the effects of a terpene type like Limonene is starkly different to Linalool. The former has been said to offer anti-cancer benefits while the latter has been used for anti-anxiety and antidepressant treatments.

How do the various terpene extraction methods differ?

Extraction methods can be grouped into 2 different categories – solventless and solvent-based extractions. Solventless extractions, traditionally used for essential oils and perfumes, involve the use of steam (steam distillation) or boiling water (hydrodistillation) to extract the terpenes.

On the other hand, solvent-based extraction methods involve using gasses under pressure to reduce the heat needed and prevent the degradation of chemical compounds. Commonly used gasses include CO2, butane, ethanol, and nitrogen. There are also newly developed mechanical extraction methods, but these completely isolate the terpenes, which means less control over the resulting extract.

Are terpenes potentially dangerous?

Research is still on-going as terpenes are potentially brand new, but it’s best to stay cautious. When consuming terpenes, be wary about using high temperatures and high concentrations to avoid potential complications. The standard concentration ranges between 0.1% to 15% so a higher concentration may sting your lips or tongue. 

Are terpenes legal?

Terpenes are surrounding us at this very moment and there’s no reason to get alarmed as they’re the source of many aromas and fragrances used all over the world. Unless otherwise stated, almost all terpene products on the market today contain no banned substances, as most all terpene fragrances come from plants that might be growing right in your backyard.

How do terpenes affect people?

The majority of terpenes are bioactive, which means they affect our bodies including both our physical and mental health. The effects simply depend on the concentration a person uses, but these compounds can definitely affect people. Terpenes FAQ – Certain studies have even implied that the beneficial effects of terpenes make them an effective alternative to medicines and therapies.

Although research is still very much in its infancy, common terpene benefits are thought to include relaxing effects, reducing anxiety, pain relief, anti-convulsant, and anti-cancer.

Where can you buy terpenes?

Although terpenes can be bought in brick and mortar stores, you can buy terpenes online as well.


To put it simply, terpenes play a vital role in plants and they are said to give several benefits to both the mental and physical aspects for people. This natural compound is still relatively new and research is ongoing, but the benefits of terpenes look promising. 

Studies must persist to understand the significant role of terpenes in the treatment and medicinal purposes.

If you want to learn more about terpenes and how to apply them, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Medical Terpenes today.

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