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Upgrade Your Cocktails with Terpenes

In this article we will discuss about, How to Upgrade Cocktails with Terpenes. Gained popularity for their recreational use and various functions and benefits. People use these compounds in industries across the board, like aromatherapy, gastronomy, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and more. 

But in case you didn’t know, mixology is another industry that benefits from terpenes. With their distinct features, it’s no wonder they became a great addition to alcohol and cocktails—enhancing aromas, flavors, and the overall drinking experience.

If you’re curious about how to incorporate how to mix terpenes in drinks, keep on reading!

7 Terpenes to Upgrade Your Favorite Cocktail Drink

Terpenes are aromatic compounds in many plants. You can use them to add unique flavors and scents to cocktails, taking your favorite drinks to the next level. Here are some ways you can start using terpenes in cocktails.

1. Limonene

Limonene is a terpene commonly found in citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. It has a bright, citrusy flavor profile with a hint of sweetness and a slight bitterness. Many use this compound for food, beverages, and cosmetics.

in Upgrade Cocktails with Terpenes specifically, limonene can add a zesty, citrusy element to the drink that complements many spirits, particularly vodka and gin. One simple yet refreshing limonene-enhanced cocktail you can try is Lemon Drop Martini.

2. Linalool

Linalool is a terpene found in over 200 plants, such as mint, basil, and lavender. In the topic of drinks, research showed that beer could exhibit a fruity, hoppy aroma when adding linalool concentrations exceeding 20 parts per billion (ppb).

Terpenes and alcohol make for the perfect drink when done right. With its fruity, floral undertones, linalool is an excellent pairing for gin and white rum spirits. A linalool-infused drink to get on your next happy hour is the Lavender Collins.

3. Myrcene

Myrcene is in various plant species, including mango, hops, and bay leaves, and it boasts an aroma that echoes earthy notes of musk, cloves, and herbs. This compound can also impart a mildly bitter flavor with citrus and spice undertones.

You can make a gin and tonic more interesting by adding myrcene-rich ingredients like mango or hops for a distinctive spin on a classic cocktail. Another drink that accentuates Myrcene is the Spicy Mango Margarita.

4. Pinene

You can often find pinene in coniferous plants like rosemary and dill and trees like pine and spruce. Adding these terpenes to drinks adds a crisp, energizing flavor with undertones of mint to your concoction.

The Pineapple Pinene Margarita, which blends tequila, pineapple and lime juice, and a hint of fresh rosemary, is a distinctive and delightful drink that highlights the flavor and aroma of pinene.

5. Borneol

Borneol is most present in plants like camphor, rosemary, and ginger, containing a cool and spicy flavor profile with a sweet aftertaste. This type of terpene is often used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural treatment for several illnesses, including pain, fever, and inflammation.

In mixology, borneol offers a refreshing and minty flavor. It can accentuate fruity overtones or herbal undertones in gin. The Rosemary Borneo features borneol, blend gin, lemon juice, honey syrup, and a sprig of rosemary.

6. Cafestol

As its name hints, cafestol is seen in coffee beans, distinct for its bitter taste and spice notes. This terpene is also known for its potential health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and improving liver function.

You can add a unique profile to your cocktail with cafestol to balance the sweetness of liqueurs and syrups and enhance the flavors of spirits like rum or whiskey. 

A great cocktail incorporating this diterpene is the Spiced Coffee, which combines rum, espresso, simple syrup, and a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon. Adding cafestol from the espresso gives the drink a bitter and spicy undertone that melds with the flavors of the rum and spices to create a warm, tasty drink.

7. Caryophyllene

Black pepper, cloves, and hops are just a few plant species containing terpene caryophyllene. Its distinct flavor profile is spicy and earthy with a hint of sweetness, making it a popular ingredient in perfumes and aromatherapy products.

Caryophyllene also improves the flavor of gin-based drinks. When added to a gin and tonic, it can bring out the tang of the gin’s botanicals, such as juniper and coriander. Moreover, it’s an ingredient in the cocktail The Dread Pirate Roberts that gives this tropical beverage a strong, earthy scent that makes you think of cloves and black pepper.

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How to Mix Terpenes in Drinks: The Do’s and Don’ts

Add terpenes in small quantities before gradually increasing until you achieve the desired flavor and aroma. The recommended ratio of terpenes is 1-2 drops per drink. You can add the terpene to the glass or garnish, such as a piece of fruit or herb sprig.

It’s also important to study the terpenes and their flavor profiles. Mix and match those with complementary flavors to enhance the taste of the cocktail and level up your overall drinking experience.

For mixing terpenes in cocktails, here are some things you need to remember:

  • Use a dropper or pipette to measure.
  • Store terpenes in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Consider the potential health effects of terpenes, such as gastrointestinal irritation, and start with a small amount.
  • Gradually increase the volume of terpenes until you achieve the desired flavor and aroma.
  • Different incorporation methods include dropping them directly into the drink, using terpene-infused simple syrup or bitters, or adding terpene-infused ice cubes.
  • Handle terpenes carefully and cautiously. Use food-grade, pure terpenes and avoid synthetic terpenes, which may contain harmful chemicals.

Elevate Your Drinking Experience

Upgrade Cocktails with Terpenes can be a great way to add new dimensions of flavor and aroma to your favorite drinks. With careful consideration of safety precautions and proper storage, you can easily incorporate terpenes into your cocktail creations.

Experiment with different terpenes to find complementary or contrasting flavors that enhance the overall taste of your cocktails.

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