A Visual Guide to Using Live Resin

A Visual Guide to Using Live Resin

One of the most sought-after terpene products on the market today is live resin. This concentrate has a relatively higher terpene content than other types. It’s also highly potent, thanks to the process used to produce it.

Live resin terpenes provide multiple health benefits. For one, they help relieve anxiety due to their cannabinoid content. Different studies also showed that live resins help ease muscle stiffness, non-migraine headaches, and joint pains. Moreover, they have been found to improve sleep quality and minimize nausea and inflammation.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why many flower enthusiasts and advocates turn to live resins for both recreational and medical purposes.  But how do you consume these potent concentrates for maximum effect? Check out the infographic below for a guide on how to use live resin.

A Visual Guide to Using Live Resin

Live Resin Explained

Live resin is a concentrate made from fresh flowers that are immediately frozen after harvest. This process retains most of the plant’s terpene content, making the final product more flavorful and aromatic.  

Live resin typically comes in dark yellow and is sticky in texture, sitting somewhere between waxy and saucy.

8 Ways to Effectively Use Resin

Over the years, terpene enthusiasts have discovered different methods of consuming live resin. Here are some of the most effective ways to use this potent concentrate.

1. Live resin with a rig

Dabbing is one of the most common ways to consume live resin terpenes. All you need is a dab rig, dab spoon, torch, and water.

First, add water to the dab rig and heat its nail with the torch. Allow the nail to stay at an optimal temperature – somewhere between 157℃ and 204℃ – before taking a hit. Then, take a small scoop of live resin using the spoon and dab the concentrate onto the nail. Swirl the dab as you inhale from the dab rig’s mouthpiece.

2. Using a vaporizer

Vaporizers come in portable and desktop forms. To use the machine, put some live resin in the basket and set it on top of the unit. Then, place the bag and turn on the fan. 

Next, heat the live resins at 188°C or below. Once the bag is filled with vapor, remove it from the device, put the mouthpiece on, and start inhaling. The vapor’s effect will heighten as your take more hits.

3. Using a nectar collector

Also referred to as a dab or honey straw, a nectar collector is a small, vertical dab rig with a tube-like design. This device is used similarly to the traditional dab rig in that you fill it with water and heat its tip with a torch lighter for 40 to 50 seconds.

The only difference is that you do not dab the onto the nectar collector’s tip. Instead, you drag the device across a dab of itplaced on a glass dish and inhale as you go.

4. Using a pen

A specialized pen or dab pen is a rechargeable portable device that turns substances like live resin into vapor. This is ideal for those who are not keen on using a dab rig, nail, or torch lighter.

Consuming live resin with a specialized pen is easy. Using a dab tool, load a small scoop of it into the pen, press its button, then inhale. Be sure to release the pen’s button before exhaling to clear the vapor in the chamber.

5. Topping off

Topping off involves sprinkling the live resin over a bowl of flowers before smoking. This boosts the concentrate’s effects and potency while enhancing its flavor. Terpene enthusiasts can better enjoy smoking dried flowers using this method.

6. Twaxing

Twaxing is done by garnishing the flower with . You can simply mix it with the flower or wrap a sliver of the waxy concentrate around a blunt or joint. Just watch out for the wax not to melt and drip as you smoke it.

7. Adding live resin to food

Inhaling it isn’t the only way to consume it. You can also mix it with food such as chocolates, candies, cookies, and certain dishes to enhance their flavor.

Note that there is a proper way of adding live resin terpenes to food as it’s meant to be an additive, not a replacement. As such, be sure to mix the concentrate alongside the usual ingredients of the dish. 

Also, remember to cook the below its vaporization point to preserve its aroma and gustatory effect. Lastly, mix only a small amount of it with your food, similar to how you would season your meals with a pinch of salt and pepper.

8. Mixing live resin with drinks

If you want to experience the effects of live resin faster, you can mix it with drinks such as seltzers, sodas, ciders, juices, cocktails, and even water. This method also enhances the drink’s flavor.

When mixing it with drinks, be sure to start with a small dosage. Also, follow a proven recipe to avoid experiencing possible adverse effects. 

Enjoy the Therapeutic Effects of Live Resin

Live resin terpenes are more than just recreational products. They also offer various health benefits such as easing anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, and inflammation.

If you’re interested in trying it, it’s recommended to start with a small amount as this terpene product has a higher terpene concentration and potency level than others. Also, be sure to transact with verified and authentic terpene manufacturers to ensure product quality and safety. 

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