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What are the Best Terpenes for Sleep and Relaxation?

Best Terpenes for Sleep and Relaxation: Throughout the years, researchers worldwide have probed the effects of terpenes on humans and helped everyone realize their potential benefits. For instance, you’d be surprised to learn that a few terpenes can induce and improve sleep, with some researchers demonstrating the sleep-supported benefits of these mighty compounds.

If you’ve been restless or had difficulty falling asleep, it’s worth trying terpenes. The key is knowing which terpenes are best for sleep, where you can commonly find them, and how you should use them.

The Science Behind Terpenes’ Ability to Improve Sleep

Many studies today have mainly focused on the effects of plants in inducing sleep and relaxation. What about terpenes?

While less noticeable, these organic compounds also improve sleep and reduce insomnia. Terpenes produce the scents and flavors of sleep-inducing plants like chamomile and lavender, giving people a somewhat natural way to treat themselves.

For instance, citral, myrcene, and limonene have proven effective in relaxing muscles and increasing barbiturate sleep duration. New research has found that pinene and linalool also have the potential to treat illnesses such as stroke, ischemia, inflammatory and neuropathic pain, cognitive impairment, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

8 Best Terpenes for Sleep and Relaxation

Sleep deprivation or insomnia can significantly affect your holistic well-being. It can affect your memory, change your mood, weaken your immunity, and even put you at risk for diabetes and heart disease. As such, it’s worth looking into terpenes to treat your sleep deprivation or insomnia.

Check out this list for some of the best terpenes for sleep and relaxation.

1. Linalool

You’ve most likely encountered or used lavender-scented room or linen sprays and essential oils at least once in your life—that’s linalool. Lavender contains the linalool compound, which produces a floral, clean, and spicy scent. You can also smell it in herbs and spices, such as laurel, cinnamon, rosewood, and mint.

Linalool can ease anxiety and stress, boost mood, and relax muscles. A 2021 study also proved that pairing this terpene with Shenque acupoint could improve sleep rate, shorten sleep latency, and prolong sleep duration. 

2. Myrcene

Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in many flower strains today. It produces a fruity and earthy aroma, distinct in basil, hops, eucalyptus, and mangoes. It’s also why you may feel drowsy or lethargic after drinking beer

Several studies have shown that myrcene has sedative effects and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties. Moreover, it’s also for creating a couch-lock effect, where the terpene takes over the whole body and puts the person in a completely relaxed or sedated state. 

3. Beta-caryophyllene

This terpene has spicy, peppery, and woody hints commonly associated with cloves, hops, rosemary, copaiba, and flowers. Compared to other organic compounds, beta-caryophyllene is the only one capable of interacting with the human body’s endocannabinoid system (CB2) and starting the entourage effect of flowers. 

A 2021 study found that beta-caryophyllene can help manage sleep and disorders related to the central nervous system. It also works as a sedative and anti-depressant. 

4. Terpinolene

While often hard to obtain, terpinolene is also known for producing sleep-inducing effects. Its woody and floral odor, often associated with lilacs, nutmeg, and apples, helps treat insomnia and even prevents cardiovascular disorders. It also has antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Beta-pinene

If you feel relaxed from smelling pine trees or eucalyptus plants, it’s worth trying beta-pinene to treat your insomnia or other sleep problems. This terpene has a woody-green scent, contributing to its pain-relieving effects.

Beta-pinene also has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties, which help balance mood and promote calmness. These effects can consequently make you fall asleep faster and deeper, helping your body rest and recover.

6. Phytol

Past studies have shown that phytol works as a sedative and anti-depressant. Its floral, balsamic, or waxy scent helps reduce anxiety and produces anxiolytic, antinociceptive, and antioxidant effects.

Moreover, this terpene has the potential to contribute to antischistosomal therapy, which treats an infectious parasitic disease called schistosomiasis

7. Nerolidol

Brands often advertise ginger, lavender, and jasmine tea as calming drinks. That’s because the nerolidol in them possesses sedative qualities. Its woody and earthy aroma, complemented by fruity hints, induces calmness. It also contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which help relieve sore muscles. 

8. Alpha-terpinene

Alpha-terpinene is commonly found in many aromatherapy essential oils such as tea tree or Compound Anshen. It has woody and citrusy aromatic notes that help create relaxing and tranquilizing effects.

In terms of health benefits, this terpene type also reduces digestive issues and produces analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress properties.

Get Enough Hours of Sleep With High-Quality Terpenes

Sleep deprivation or insomnia can drastically affect your physical, emotional, and mental health. Without an average of seven to nine hours of sleep, you risk weakening your immune system and developing life-threatening medical conditions.

Try the best terpenes for sleep above to finally get your well-deserved R&R. The human body can only do so much, so treat it with terpenes to ensure it stays healthy in the long run.

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