Whats in Your Terpene Cartridge?

What’s in Your Terpene Cartridge?

Terpenes and other plant derivatives have gained immense popularity in the past five years or so. Due to increasing demand, providers are continuously developing new products to cater to the ever-growing market. But of all the choices out there, it’s interesting to know that terpene cartridges have emerged as a fan favorite. 

In case you’ve never tried an oil cartridge before, it’s normal to feel skeptical about the product. Given that you don’t know what it contains, doubts regarding its potency can make you feel hesitant to purchase one. However, we’ll be glad to tell you that getting a terpene cartridge is generally a great option, just as long as you get them from reputable sources.  

Due to the ease of use they provide, oil cartridges have been the go-to product of both new and veteran consumers. If you’re looking to try it out, it’s important to understand the ingredients that make up your mixture. Being in the know will allow you to make smarter choices as a consumer and choose products that best suit your needs and tastes.

To help you out, the guide we’ve prepared will give you a comprehensive look at terpene cartridges.  

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Understanding Terpene Cartridges

Before we dive into the details, let’s start with the question: What are terpene cartridges anyway?

Terpene cartridges are small containers packed with specific concentrations of cannabinoids. These oil-filled contraptions are attached to battery devices where contents are heated into vapor for easy and convenient ingestion. Compared to traditional forms of terpene consumption, using a specialized pen is much more discrete, potent, and convenient. 

The portability, safety, and ease of use it provides is the main reason why the product has gained immense popularity. While more research regarding its health benefits is needed, heating and ingesting terpenes at low heat will already prevent harmful tar and carcinogens from entering your system. As these products continue to gain traction, manufacturers have answered the call by doubling down on production.

Consuming terpenes through a specialized pen for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. Since cartridges come in many variations and can be used by a wide range of devices, figuring things out by yourself can get a little tricky. So, before you start searching for options, you should take a step back and know the contents of a cartridge. 

Terpene Cartridge Ingredients

Of course, every oil cartridge has specific concentrations of terpenes. While not solely responsible for producing that euphoric feeling, they plays a huge part in influencing a strain’s effects. As you look at different products, it’s good to know the most common terpenes found in oil cartridges. 


As the most widely used terpene, myrcene can be easily found in most cannabis products. Naturally derived from mango and lemongrass, it’s popularly known for its earthy and fruit-like smell. Paired with sedative properties, it’s perfect for relaxation or treatment for aches and pains. 


Giving off the aroma of lavender and flowers, linalool is a common ingredient in fragrant items. In oil cartridges, this sedative terpene is known for its medicinal properties and is widely used to manage anxiety and insomnia.


As the name suggests, limonene can be found in citrus fruits. Its uplifting effects are guaranteed to put you in a good mood and its antioxidant properties can be used to alleviate various health conditions. Cartridges that contain it can potentially help you fend off notorious illnesses such as cancer. 


Sourced from rosemary, greens, and oregano, this terpene is known to combat depression. It secretes a spicy kind of aroma and its relaxing effects make it perfect for recreational use and pain relief. In case you need a mood changer, a caryophyllene-filled strain will potentially do the trick.

Other Ingredients in Terpene Mixtures

Terpenes are incredibly potent in pure form and must always be diluted before use. To successfully produce a cartridge, manufacturers must make use of several ingredients to give you a safe and fulfilling experience. 

CO2 Oil 

CO2 oil is any kind of flower concentrate that was made by using CO2 as a solvent. When it comes to cartridges, this essential compound acts as a thinning agent and is used to give strains flavor.


Distillates are cannabis extracts that have been carefully purified and processed. By separating THC and CBD into precise amounts, manufacturers can create terpene products with different effects. Distillates can be consumed on their own, but they’re normally used as a base ingredient for edibles and oil cartridges. 


Some manufacturers make use of additives to improve their products. When combined with an oil mixture, these compounds can control oil’s consistency or reinforce flavors that were lost during the distillation process. Products containing additives are slowly disappearing from the market but it will still be valuable to know about the most common ones:

  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)


Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a naturally occurring compound that’s extracted from plants. By working hand-in-hand with other chemical components it’s able to contribute to the entourage effect and provide a holistic levels of comfort.  On their own, CBD products are popularly known to relieve inflammation, anxiety, and general discomfort. 

Full-spectrum extracts

Full-spectrum extracts contain all the compounds naturally found in plants. Through experimentation, producers can create oils that replicate the full flavor profile and effects of a strain. These extracts are notoriously difficult to produce but are highly desirable for their ability to bring out a product’s full potential. 

Wrapping Things Up

Now that you have a better idea of what’s inside a terpene cartridge, you can search for products with more confidence. While it’s normal to feel excited about getting your first terpene cartridge, it’s important to stay calm and rational when shopping. Many sellers may entice you with cheap deals and great advertising but it’s important to check on the company’s reputation.

Transacting with a non-authentic provider won’t just waste your money, it can also put you at risk of an illness. If you want to maximize your purchase and stay safe, then it’s best to partner with reputable terpene cartridge manufacturers. To make your search easier, head on over to Medical Terpenes for the best strains in the market and an awesome customer experience!

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