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  • Medical Terpenes is leading the industry with years of research in perfecting strain specific terpene profiles. Now, we are able to bring everyone’s favorite strains back to life, in a way that is 100% natural, pure, holistic, food grade & Kosher. With NO additives, NO carriers, NO fillers & NEVER any unnecessary extracts; they are a perfect blend of high quality ingredients for all Terp lovers. Made in the USA.


  • Medical Terpenes uses a proprietary blend of over 100 terpenes; Including: Myrcene, Humulene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene & Alpha Pinene, just to name a few. Our blends offer endless “entourage effect” synergizing possibilities & therapeutic elements; amongst many other wonderful benefits.


  • We use cutting-edge extraction processes to ensure our terpenes are full spectrum, strain specific & wholesome; to give you that core, full bodied, unmatched essence you’re looking for. Medical Terpenes provides a variety of terpenes in different sizes and options. Including: 1ml, 5ml, 20ml, 50ml, and 100ml of strain specific and fruity profiles; as well as, our Assorted Super Terpenes Pack, Juicy Fruity Terpene Pack, All-Day Combo Terpenes Pack, and All-Night Combo Terpenes Pack packs.


  • We prove that our premium terpenes are top quality, with our best selling collection of dank fragrances, earthy aromas and foggy floral bouquets; that immerse you into a holistic, botanical & luxurious experience.