Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  What are Terpenes?

A:  Terpenes are the essential oils present in cannabis, other than cannabinoids. They are secreted from the same glands that produce THC and CBD. Many believe that terpenes play the key role in differentiating the effects of various cannabis strains.


Q:  What do terpenes do?

A:  Terpenes are responsible for the unique flavors of every strain of Marijuana.  They are also responsible for the unique effects of strains such as “Cerebral, head high, stoned, sedative, etc.”.


Q: How do I use terpene profiles?

A: Terpenes are what you smell, and knowing what they are will deepen your appreciation of cannabis whether you’re a medical patient or recreational consumer. You can be creative with how to use terpene profiles. Terpenes can be used in your soap, shampoo. You can also vaporize for aroma therapy.


Q:  What is in the different terpene profiles?

A:  Each terpene profile is unique based on the strain it is derived from.  Cannabis is known to contain over 100 different terpene molecules.  Strains are classified into three categories; Indica (Sedative), Sativa (stimulant), and Hybrid (mixture of Sativa and Hybrid).


Q:  Where do terpenes come from?

A:  Terpenes are naturally created by the plant.  All terpenes originate from the same building block molecule (Isoprene).  Like a Lego, the Isoprene molecule can attach to itself in several different positions.  Two Isoprene units is called Monoterpene.  Three Isoprene units is called a Sequesterpene.  Four Isoprene units is called a Diterpene.  THC is actually derived from Isoprene units.  Steroids are actually derived from 6 Isoprene units.


Q: Are your terpenes derived from marijuana?

A: No. Our terpenes are full spectrum strain specific, derived and purified from various natural products. Our terpenes are 100% pure, 100% organic and natural, with no additives. They match the profile of the marijuana strains, and have aromas that match the strains. Our products do not contain any THC or other cannabinoids.