Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  What are Terpenes?

A:  Terpenes are the essential oils present in cannabis, other than cannabinoids.


Q: Are your terpenes derived from marijuana?

A: Our terpenes are full spectrum strain specific, derived and purified from various natural products. Our terpenes are 100% pure, 100% organic and natural, with no additives. They match the profile of the marijuana strains, and have aromas that match the strains.


Q:  What do terpenes do?

A:  Terpenes are responsible for the unique flavors of every strain of Marijuana.  They are also responsible for the unique effects of strains such as “Cerebral, head high, stoned, sedative, etc.”.


Q:  What is in the different terpene profiles?

A:  Each terpene profile is unique based on the strain it is derived from.  Cannabis is known to contain over 100 different terpene molecules.  Strains are classified into three categories; Indica (Sedative), Sativa (stimulant), and Hybrid (mixture of Sativa and Hybrid).


Q:  Where do terpenes come from?

A:  Terpenes are naturally created by the plant.  All terpenes originate from the same building block molecule (Isoprene).  Like a Lego, the Isoprene molecule can attach to itself in several different positions.  Two Isoprene units is called Monoterpene.  Three Isoprene units is called a Sequesterpene.  Four Isoprene units is called a Diterpene.  THC is actually derived from Isoprene units.  Steroids are actually derived from 6 Isoprene units.


Q:  How do you use purified terpenes?

A:  Concentrates can be mixed with with 1-20% terpenes depending on what effect desired.  Terpenes can also be dropped onto the flower product, and smoked in a conventional pipe or vaporizer for added flavor and effects.