All Day Combo Terpenes Pack
July 30, 2017
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July 30, 2017
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All Night Combo Terpenes Pack



All Night Combo Terpenes

  •   100% Pure and Organic
  •   No Additives
  •   Full Spectrum & Strain Specific Terpenes
  •   Add to Edibles, Concentrates, or Topicals
  •   0% THC, 0% CBD

All Night Combo Terpenes are great for:

  •   Organic terpene oils for vape pens
  •   Cannabis wax, oils, and edibles
  •   CBD topicals
  •   THC concentrates
  •   All-Natural bath and beauty products
  •   Organic homemade cleaners
  •   Essential oils & Aromatherapy

Terpene Profile

Specific Strain Fingerprint

All Night Combo

All of your Indica strain specific needs can be met with one of our All Night Combo Terpenes packs. The pack includes 6 different strain specific terpenes from famous strains of cannabis including:

·   Skywalker OG

·   Gorilla Glue #4

·   Platinum Kush

·   OG Kush

·   Northern Lights

·   Indica Island

Strain terpene profiles represented by our All Night Combo pack are Indica dominant strains that consumers are demanding in new vape pens and strain specific edibles all in one convenient package.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Myrcene, Humulene, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and A-Pinene, +100 more.

How to use All Night Combo Terpenes

All Night Combo Terpenes pack include strain specific terpene products, like Northern Lights, that match the exact terpene profile produced by the cannabis plant as it flowers. Use terpenes to create product lines of strain specific products for vape pen cartridges, cannabis edibles, or any other line of cannabis concentrates.

Terpenes Increase Potency and Medicinal Benefit

Including terpenes from Indica-dominant profiles, such as OG Kush, increases and enhances the effects of any cannabis product, specifically those with High-THC, or sedative and relaxing effects.  *

6 in 1 Pack of Strain Specific Terpenes

This is a great grab bag of the ultimate terpenes from heavy hitting strains like Platinum Kush and Skywalker OG. Add terpenes from the All Night Combo Pack to herbs, oils, concentrates, and edible recipes to improve aroma profile and medicinal properties.

Caution: Terpenes are potent, concentrated, and flammable. We recommend always diluting terpenes to 1-15% before use.

Effects of All Night Combo Terpenes

Synergize with THC and other Cannabinoids

Indica-dominant strains of cannabis are known for their sedative, relaxing, and analgesic effects in the body. Their High-THC levels are appetite stimulants, anxiolytics, and can help with depression and pain management.  *

Terpenes, The Essence of Cannabis Strains

Terpenes are responsible for a variety of the characteristic effects provided by varying strains. Even when different strains may have similar ratios of THC: CBD, they can produce different effects. This is thanks to the terpene profile of each strain. *

Terpenes have known anxiolytic and anti-bacterial properties, meaning they can reduce anxiety and stress levels and ward off harmful bacteria. Myrcene is the most prevalent terpene found in cannabis strains, is indicatively associated with Indica dominant strains, and synergizes with other cannabinoids to help induce relaxation and euphoria. *

Why Use Strain Specific Terpenes

Meet Consumers Demands

As laws around medical marijuana shift towards legalization and regulation, so to advances our understanding of the biochemical processes involved with cannabinoids and terpenes from specific strains.

Strain Specific Terpenes

The organic, terpenes we provide are specifically designed to match corresponding strains of cannabis and medical marijuana that consumers and patients are demanding from producers.

100% Organic & All-Natural

Strain specific terpenes from medical terpenes are the all-natural way to create products like Northern Lights Vape Pen Cartridges, Gorilla Glue #4 Chocolates, or even Green Apple Crack Gummies. *

Medical Terpenes are 100% pure and organic. Our terpenes are derived and purified from various natural herbs and spices, but do not contain any THC or CBD.

Our strain specific terpenes are perfect for vape pens or producing concentrates, edibles, topicals, all-natural cleaning products, and aromatherapy products.

Medical Terpenes has been proudly serving private customers and business owners since 2012.

*The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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