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Cotton Candy Terpenes



Cotton Candy Terpenes

  •   100% Pure and Organic
  •   No Additives
  •   Full Spectrum & Strain Specific Terpenes
  •   Add to Edibles, Concentrates, or Topicals
  •   0% THC, 0% CBD

Cotton Candy Terpenes are great for:

  •   Organic terpene oils for vape pens
  •   Cannabis wax, oils, and edibles
  •   CBD topicals
  •   THC concentrates
  •   All-Natural bath and beauty products
  •   Organic homemade cleaners
  •   Essential oils & Aromatherapy

Terpene Profile

Specific Strain Fingerprint

Cotton Candy

This strains genetic lineage is derived from mixing Skunk families with Hawaiian Afghani strains. Cotton Candy is a strong Indica-dominant hybrid, high in THC that exhibits flavors similar to the popular treat cotton candy. Sweet and fruity describe its flavors best and the aroma of its flowering colas is equally floral and candy-like. Physicians have recommended strains with terpene profiles such as Cotton Candys to treat symptoms of stress, pain and anxiety thanks to its high levels of THC and well-balanced terpene profile. *

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Myrcene, Humulene, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and A-Pinene, +100 more.

How to use Cotton Candy Terpenes

Make Extracts Mimic Strains Terpene Profile

Cotton Candy Terpenes are designed to recreate the same experience of flavor and aroma of the cannabis strain. Extracts and concentrates can be made strain specific with all natural terpenes. *

Strain Specific Edibles

Edibles and concentrates are improved with our terpenes. Make Cotton Candy Gummies, or even Cotton Candy cotton candy. Strain-specify any cannabis product with our Medical Terpenes. *

Enhance Flowers and Joints

Cotton Candy Terpenes with Pre-Rolls and Bowls improves the flavor of any strain and enhances marijuanas effects and potency. Terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis work synergistically in the endocannabinoid system of humans and animals. *

Caution: Terpenes are potent, concentrated, and flammable. We recommend to always dilute terpenes to 1-15% before use.

Effects of Cotton Candy Terpenes

Hybrid Strain Terpenes

Cotton Candy is an Indica-dominant hybrid with around 30% Sativa genetics which makes its heavy high last longer. Cotton Candy’s lineage is rich in various terpene profiles, making its profile well balanced, increasing all around activities of health and wellness. *


Terpinolene is a unique terpene found in strains such as Cotton Candy. Exhibiting properties as a sedative, anti-cancer, antioxidant, and an antimicrobial agent, Terpinolene is one of the most fascinating terpenes. *

Terpene Benefits of Strong Genetics

Cotton Candys terpene profile doesnt particularly concentrate with any one terpene, excepting a strong portion of Terpinolene. Strains with proportionate amounts of many different terpenes are able to provide a multitude of medicinal benefits that are increased by the entourage effect. *

Why Use Strain Specific Terpenes

Terpenes Designed for Vapes

We design and test our terpenes with vape pen manufacturers to ensure their quality and performance. Terpenes from medical terpenes are specifically for creating strain specific cannabis concentrates and edibles. *

Strain Specific Terpenes at Wholesale Price

Producers of cannabis concentrates for vape pens and cartridges need organic solutions for keeping up with the demands of the new cannabis industry. Strain specific terpenes are the best way to meet consumers demand.

Organic Terpenes

Our strain specific terpenes are sourced from all-natural herbs, spices, and other plants. Our terpenes will always be pure, so producers can ensure quality ingredients in their products. *

Medical Terpenes are 100% pure and organic. Our terpenes are derived and purified from various natural herbs and spices, but do not contain any THC or CBD.

Our strain specific terpenes are perfect for vape pens or producing concentrates, edibles, topicals, all-natural cleaning products, and aromatherapy products.

Medical Terpenes has been proudly serving private customers and business owners since 2012.

*The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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