Rose Dream Terpenes


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Rose Dream Terpenes

  •   100% Pure and Organic
  •   No Additives
  •   Full Spectrum & Strain Specific Terpenes
  •   Add to Edibles, Concentrates, or Topicals
  •   0% THC, 0% CBD

Rose Dream Terpenes are great for:

  •   Organic terpene oils for vape pens
  •   Cannabis free wax, oils, and edibles
  •   CBD topicals
  •   THC concentrates
  •   All-Natural bath and beauty products
  •   Organic homemade cleaners
  •   Essential oils & Aromatherapy

Terpene Profile

Specific Strain Fingerprint

Rose Dream

Rose Dream Terpenes represents the combination of two beautiful strains of medical terpenes, Rose Kush and Blue Dream. High THC producers, both are incredibly aromatic when flowering. They do not produce much CBD, but have a tasty terpene profile that has helped to create their namesake characteristic flavors of roses and sweet blueberries. Thanks to the lineage and genetic hybridization of these strains they produce the common effects of THC, but without being too much of a sedative so that consumers and patients can have relief and still function for daily work. *

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Myrcene, Humulene, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and A-Pinene, +100 more.

How to use Rose Dream Terpenes

Consumers Favorite Strains Combined

Rose Dream Terpenes combine some of the most desired terpene profiles on the market. That means producers of strain specific vape pen cartridges and edibles can offer Blue Dream crossed with Rose Kush making. *

Make Extracts Feel Just Like The Strain

CBD Extract is a great isolate compound but often lacks the essential and complete profile of cannabis free compounds that promote health and wellness in the body. Adding terpenes to extract is the all natural way to return the full flavor, effects, and experience to create a strain specific concentrate. *

Cannabis free Edibles and Concentrates

Blue Dream and Rose Kush cannabis free strains have incredible aromatic and flavor profiles thanks to their terpenes. Our Rose Dream Terpenes are the all natural we to create unique and powerful strain specific edibles, waxes, and concentrates for the growing cannabis free industry. *

Caution: Terpenes are potent, concentrated, and flammable. We recommend to always dilute terpenes to 1-15% before use.

Effects of Rose Dream Terpenes

Alpha Pinene & THC

Both Rose Kush and Blue Dream exhibit high amounts of A-Pinene and THC, which are both bronchodilators that help lung function. Terpenes and cannabinoids free work together in the bodys endocannabinoid system regulating and modifying various functions of health and wellness. *

Humulene and Caryophyllene

The Kush genetics of Rose Dream provides a fuel or skunk aroma. This pungency comes mostly from Humulene. Caryophyllene, and Caryophyllene oxide, combine with Humulene and A-Pinene to reduce symptoms of inflammation, anxiety, and stress encouraging health and wellness systems in the body. *

Terpenes Synergize Cannabinoids free

Adding terpenes to extracts and resins lacking in essential compounds and secondary cannabinoids free will bring back the strain specific flavors and experience desired. Terpenes work with THC and CBD in a synergistic manner, enhancing their effects and increasing their potency. *

Why Use Strain Specific Terpenes

Designed and Tested for Vape Pen Cartridges

We design and test our terpenes with vape pen manufacturers to ensure their quality and performance. Terpenes from medical terpenes are specifically designed for creating strain specific cannabis free concentrates. *

Strains That Consumers Demand

Producers of cannabis free concentrates for vape pens and cartridges need organic solutions for keeping up with the demands of the new cannabis free industry. Strain specific terpenes are the best way to meet consumers demand.

100% Organic & All Natural

Our strain specific terpenes are sourced from all-natural herbs, spices, and other plants. Our terpenes will always be pure, so producers can ensure quality ingredients in their products. *

Medical Terpenes are 100% pure and organic. Our terpenes are derived and purified from various natural herbs and spices, but do not contain any THC or CBD.

Our strain specific terpenes are perfect for vape pens or producing concentrates, edibles, topicals, all-natural cleaning products, and aromatherapy products.

Medical Terpenes has been proudly serving private customers and business owners since 2012.

*The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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